Midnight Meme Of The Day! Florida's Best And Brightest?

by Noah Welcome to Flor-i-duh! The god-forsaken waiting room of death. Matt Gaetz, Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris... and, of course, the current Flor-i-duh governor, Ron DeSantis, DeSantis the homicidal maniac that Floridians appear to love, DeSantis the man who wants to be the Pol Pot of Florida, DeathSantis, the classic example of what Republican governance means for its subjects, DeathSantis the man the whole damn Republican Party sees as their possible choice for president in 2024 but only if their number one love, Flor-i-duh resident Donnie Psycho, doesn't run. Imagine Florida as a snowglobe that features a typical Florida scene, only instead of the snowglobe being filled with little white fake snowflakes, it's more accurately filled with little brown flakes of excrement. You shake up your snowglobe and down on your typical Florida scene comes a blizzard of brown. It covers the overcrowded beaches that were once so pristine. It covers the palms. It covers the pointlessly horrid theme parks. It coats the endless miles of pink sleazy striptease joints. It covers the rape rooms and "professional massage rooms" of Mar-a-Lago... Oh, the heat! Oh, the stupidity! The stench! The stench! And, the stench of needless death willfully inflicted by a madman son of Satan! The stench of which Florida must be soooo proud!