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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Ever Wonder What's In Trump's Lindsey Graham File?

by Noah

Your Saturday Cartoon:

Lindsey Graham has been dutifully toeing his master's line for a long time now. Back in 2016, he flipped in an instant from calling Trump a racist kook and other true nasty things to singing his master's praises at every opportunity. It was like someone threw a switch... or showed him some very incriminating photos or financial statements.

It's recently come out that Trump had a whole file on the personal life of French President Emmanuel Macron. The file was found in the Mar-a-Lago trove. Do you really think it was the only one? Sure we speculate with very good reason about what Putin must have on Trump but what about what Trump has on those who do his bidding so eagerly? In France, where mistresses come to funerals, no one cares much about such things but, in Washington and this whole damn country, it's different. A few items in a file can be used for power over people. It's how politicians and mobsters keep people in line. For decades, no less than J. Edgar Hoover insisted that there was no Cosa Nostra while the mob's power over everything grew and grew. Even presidents had to kiss the ring, and if they didn't docks, cars, and even heads would explode.

Graham was bad enough in the old pre-2016 days, the days when John McCain seemingly had him on a leash and reportedly had him on his short list for his VP slot before suddenly scrambling and settling for Sarah Palin but now McCain might want to slap Lindsey upside the head. McCain's gone now and all poor Lindsey can do is try and try to drink the pain away.

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