• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! $en. Sinema: Provoking The Public

by Noah

Saturday Cartoon:

Not all cartoons, be they drawings or be they people, are funny. This one reflects a potential tragedy, not so much for its subject as for the country.

I know that some of the easygoing types among us felt that that gang of women following Kyrsten Sinema into a ladies room to accost her like they were in some sort of John Waters movie thought that was going too far but, really, it's not like they pushed her head into the toilet bowl and flushed three times. I know plenty of women who would happily do that, but not one of the women who accosted Sinama had a chain or a blade of any kind. Not one of them made noises about holding her upside down by the ankles and proceeding to mop the stall floors with her hair. Even a mental defective like Kyrsten Sinema knew they were just there to yell at her. People like Ms. Sinema get off on seeing how much their psychopathy hurts and angers others but they're so self-absorbed that they rarely consider the truly horrific possibilities; in her case not even after 1/6. The trend this country has now entered can have no good end unless those given the responsibility to make things better for those they largely dismiss and call "ordinary Americans" actually do make things better.

Like Sarah Palin, like Rand Paul, like Marjorie Traitor Greene, like Gym Jordan, and most of all like Joe Manchin, Kyrsten likes being the center of attention. Most politicians do but some are far worse than others. In Kyrsten's case, she's way over the top. She's an extreme attention whore. Even her freakshow fashion sense is a loud cry for attention. Damn, her parents did one hell of a lousy job! And, let's not forget Chuck Schumer, the man who then discovered her in the polluted well of the House and made her his protege. Word to Chuck, you can't control a psychopath. You either don't want to and she's doing the dirty work for you and others or you're even dumber than you've shown us to be so many times already. Maybe both, eh? Gee, thanks Chucky.

Yes, Ms. Sinema may have a heart but I'm sure that, if she does, it is in great pain because when it comes to her incessant cries for attention, that damn Joe Manchin is getting so much more attention than her. That could end any day now but chalk how that has played out so far to Manchin's years of experience at learning how to finesse being the conniving asshole that she aspires to be. The chief difference may be that her flame burns too fast and too brightly. She has a more one and done quality about her. One can only hope. Let us not dismiss her, though. We must remember that a monkey can wield a monkey wrench, enjoy the wreckage, and walk away very pleased with itself.

Congress is chock full of examples of the need to administer psychological testing to all candidates for public office; state governments are even more so and don't even get me started on how any lunatic can get a license to broadcast. But, Kyrsten Sinema is obviously so sick in the head that she would, like Trump, destroy the well-being of the entire country as long as she could hear people yelling her name with or without curses to the heavens. Someone as sick as her would love bathing in the spotlight of infamy, notorious infamy as the flames ignite. Meanwhile, for her sake, someone better tell her how easily those stall doors can be ripped off their hinges.