• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! DWT At The OSCARS?

by Noah Well, no, not really. I've never been into these award show things. The ones I've been given are buried in a storage unit. So yeah, I didn't watch "The OSCARS" last night. I decided to watch a movie instead. If you're interested, it was called "And Now The Screaming Starts." Something about the title appealed to me. I suspect it did not win any OSCARS. But, if anyone deserved an OSCAR last week it was Lindsey Vapors Graham for his performance in "The Confirmation Of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson." Watching him play such a deeply self-tormented man of multiple conflictions was riveting. How he manages all of those facial contortions without his face just melting off his skull and dripping onto the floor in a streaming puddle of ectoplasm has got to be something that would fill any actor with jealousy. And that ultimate hissy fit scene where he storms out of the hearing room! Wow. Just wow!

At press time, it was announced that Lindsey was signed up for two more pictures to be produced in the coming year. The first will see Lindsey in a Max Bialystock production wherein Lindsey will play Blanch Dubois in an all male disco musical adaptation of "A Streetcar Named Desire." Details of the second are unavailable at this time.