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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Don't Count On Republicans Coming Back (?) To Sanity

by Noah

I have to laugh when I see and hear media people tell me that the 1/6 hearings will change the minds and actions of Republican politicians, voters, and the likes of the buffoons on FOX, AON, and the rest of the Zippy the Pinhead imitators of the GOP "news" world. From the beginning, I have said that the minds of Trump supporters are gone, toasted unto dust, and are not coming back to sanity; no way, not that they were ever sane anyway. There is no amount of intervention or therapy that can drive the self-inflicted demons away. You can't talk to these people. Reason is their enemy. Flies eat the poop. They seek it out. They land on it and gorge themselves. They make it a nursery for their offspring. It's what they do. Save your breath!

How do I know this? Easy. From time to time I channel surf over to FOX, Newsmax, AON, and their fellow propeller beanie-wearing cultists to check out what lunacy is being pushed by the media organs of sedition. I also overhear pro-Nazi conversations in stores and on the streets right here in New York City. You don't have to take a field trip to Walmart. Believe me, these nutters are everywhere! Drifting around like moaning, blithering zombies in red hats. They don't need a Nazi armband but you know that when Ronna Romney McDaniel (aka Ronna Corona) and her RNC send a free one out to everyone on their mailing list, they'll rush to put that sucker right on!

Perhaps an even better indicator is the number of Republican freaks outside of the cities that are still lowering neighborhood property values by turning their front yards into washing machine on the lawn style displays of Trump flags, Confederate flags, 3%er flags, the occasional swastika flag, "Stop Socialism" banners, "Hillary For Prison" placards and the like. Hell, these lost souls might as well put a real washing machine out on the lawn and just paint Trump 2024 on it. Don't worry, Republicans! If you don't have a washing machine for the lawn, an old stove or bathtub will suffice! In fact, I have no doubt it's already been done in front of many Republican houses across this country!

On Monday, I took a drive through a part of New York state just across the Hudson River, just mere minutes from NYC. Occasional DWT contributor Exile Johnny was with me and we might as well have been driving in South Carolina! Everything was on display! Interspersed with America flags as if to legitimize the crazy! The Trump virus was strong there. It's Walking Dead territory. All that was missing was the 4X lifesize standups of Trump that I've seen out in Pennsyltucky. Trust me, non-Trumpers best not be in NY towns like Sparkill and Orangeburg after dark.

Parting Shot: Now folks, the moral of this story is, don't be the bee who imitates the fly. Learn to sting. That may kill ya, but to do nothing will get you the same result.

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