• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Defending The Holocaust Tennessee-style

by Noah

News from backwards (no, not backwoods) Tennessee, the sacred home of the War On Evolution!

Now, they're banning books about the Holocaust because, let's face it, Republicans find acknowledgement of the Holocaust or an opinion that it was a bad thing offensive. Well, fuck your feelings, Nazi assholes! Decent, moral human beings disagree with you. Go burn your crosses and chant "Jews will not replace us" in your own homes in your own time, not in our schools. That's bad enough but you have the freedom to show us what you are in ways other than banning books, and, trust us, we already know anyway. Yeah, I know Republican Party organized book burnings are just days away. It's the next "logical" step for those of the Republican mind. In this context, we should not be surprised that a political party that wants to deny the Holocaust ever happened is the same party that tells us that there was no attempted coup on 1/6.

How much you wanna bet that those ten republican school board freaks on the now notorious McMinn County school board were laughing and wearing Camp Auschwitz t-shirts as they took one look at the author's name and screamed "No way!" and "To the showers!" like the Nazi Beavis & Butthead types they are? Did they literally do all that? Maybe not but, all their lame post reaction comments aside, that is the essence and meaning behind their deliberate action. They are who they are and they want us to know that. Mission Accomplished assholes!

Never forget. Those words speak even louder now as republicans attempt to erase history and, of course, it's not just Tennessee. Countless students have learned about the Holocaust by reading "Maus" and that is precisely the problem as far as Republicans are concerned. Republicans know very well that there's at least a tiny chance that those who learn from history might be smart enough to not repeat it, so all over the country, books are being banned, some openly as in this case, but not so openly in others as in the case of third world Texas where a republican legislator named Matt Krause, who is also running for state Attorney General, has presented a list of 850 books his Nazi kind want banned. Just so you know, "Mein Kampf" is not on the list.

Currently, there are book and curriculum ban laws being worked on in the legislatures of 22 states. Mayor Gene McGee of Ridgeland Mississippi is withholding library funding for the town until they remove every single book that so much as even includes the word homosexuality (I can't wait 'till we hear that McGee himself is gay). Only a few years ago, Republicans were content to just go into libraries and steal the books they objected to so no one else might read them. Before that, they used to go in and just remove any "objectionable" pages with a razor blade. In places like Virginia and god-forsaken snake-infested Florida, the governors have set up tip lines so their fellow Nazis can alert them to what teachers say and what teachers teach in schools about books they deem subversive because they include such things as racial history, gay characters, nudity, or sex of any kind. Obviously, the RNC is determined to create a society of snitches just like in Cold War Russia where children were encouraged to turn in their own parents if they heard something that was frowned upon by the state. Welcome to RepublicanWorld!

Addendum: On much lighter front but still one that shows us the inner workings of the Republican Mind, I have noted that while Republicans have gotten so bizarrely upset about the Mars candy company's wardrobe adjustments and modernizations of their M&M cartoon characters and Disney's now dressing Minnie Mouse in a pantsuit, not one Republican anywhere has an issue with the fact that Donald Duck is still walking around sans pants. Just an observation. Make of it what you will.