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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Death & Despair In The People's Kentucky

by Noah Strange, I haven't heard any Republicans blaming "the gays" for the tornados yet! Do they not want to offend their Moscow Mitchy? Nah, it'll happen. It always does. It's one of those many many despicable things you can count on from Republicans. It's deflection if not projection. One other thing is for sure: they won't be breathing the words "address climate change." They're unified on that one. Hmmm, of course Putin's favorite $enator has always prided himself on being against anything that will mitigate climate change, so maybe it was Mother Nature's sense of irony that led her to launch that particularly murderous tornado at McConnell's state. Kinda disappointing that she missed his house, no? Imagine if that tornado had obliterated Mitch's house... Russian flags and momentos scattered all over the neighborhood and not even a single closet left standing. Seriously, though, as I see the damage on TV and I hear about so many deaths and lives ruined, I can't help but think of the unfairness of it all. So many newly dead people when the ones that are in position to actually do something to lessen the chances of lives being destroyed or even ended by climate change do nothing, often because some hired multi-national corporation scumbag from K Street with an attache case full of cash and checks is stuffing their pockets and bank accounts (Special 1-finger salute to Joe Manchin). This time, at least one company wouldn't even let their employees leave and go home to a safer location. They told them they would be fired if they left. Others like Amazon had paltry safety provisions at best. They all might as well have marched their workers outside and tied them to a post in the field. I have little doubt that some of our nation's CEO types would just love to do that. It was bad enough when General Motors was selling Corvair Death Tubs and Ford was selling Exploding Pintos. If only some perfectly targeted F5 tornado would just come along and sweep up the Rand Pauls, Joe Manchins, Mitch McCommies, Kyrsten Sinemas, and Susan Collinses of this sick planet instead of the people they all look down upon as "ordinary Americans." Such an F5 could make sure those who truly deserve the terror, pain, and death were never able to kill any of us again. Focus, Mother Nature! Focus next time! Please focus! Alas, there is no god, pagan or otherwise, that cares about such things. Meanwhile, think of all the good the corporate millions that have been stuffed into the pockets of our politicians in just the last few years could do to actually benefit the people of this country. Postscript: A special shout out to reader burdick808 who commented- Any bill for FEMA aid to Kentucky should mention habit of Congress to aid all states, regardless of ideological proclivities and remind Ky that climate helped cause these tornadoes. I like your constructive and intelligent suggestions. Alway nice to see a fine contribution.

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