• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Christmas With The Boeberts!

by Noah

It's a thing now! Congressional Nazi Death Cultists heavily arming their children and posing them for the annual Christmas greeting ala the infamous Nazi Youth Christmas cards. This is the Republican in your face response to the resolution of the Kyle Rittenhouse case and the even more recent Michigan school shooting where a teenager with similar parents stands accused of shooting up his school and killing four schoolmates. That the grieving parents and siblings of the dead children are tormented and tortured by these overt actions of people like Rep. Lauren Boebert, Rep. Thomas Massie, their deifiers on FQX "News," AON, and the rest of the Domestic Terror Party means nothing to most of them and is a cause for celebration to the rest. Or is it the other way around?

What could go wrong here? Is it too late for foster care? That attitude case on the left looks like a candidate for Next School Shooter. Now, let's consider the parenting. Do these kids have boundaries? To what extremes would warped and brainwashed kids go to please mom and dad? Please don't try to tell me that a kid raised by the likes of a Lauren Boebert is going to end up mentally healthy. If you were a teacher, how comfortable would you be having one of these kids in a class of yours? Of course, considering that they're Republican kids, maybe they're being home schooled, not that that solves the problem at all in the bigger picture.

Here are the "highlights" of what we know of the parental rap sheets but we can imagine there's more in the cover-up files. I've added some comments in italics. First, let's take a look at dad.

1. Jayson Boebert:

a) January 2004 - Jayson exposed his penis to a group of underaged girls at a bowling alley. He was arrested and convicted of public indecency and lewd exposure. Frankly, I'm a bit surprised that such things are considered illegal in Colorado's district 3, the district that voted to send this assclown's wife to Washington.

b) February 2004 - Jayson was arrested on a charge of domestic violence after allegedly having "unlawfully struck and kicked" then 17 year old Lauren Boebert. Apparently the guy has a way with underaged girls. Look at that caveman go. Boys learn a lot from their fathers. Boys like the ones holding their guns in the above picture.

And now, Mommy Dearest Lauren:

a) June 2015 - Arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct. Also for resisting arrest and fighting with police. That's your "Law and Order" party in action folks!

b) December 2015 - Arrested for failure to appear in court for disorderly charges. Steve Bannon and the bulk of the Trump administration would be very proud.

c) July 2016 - Arrested for reckless driving.

d) February 2017 - Arrested for failure to appear in court for reckless driving charges. Yup! Feels she's above the law. No wonder she's the idol of Republicans everywhere.

Now think of the voters in Boebert's Colorado district who knew all of this and said, "That's my gal! I'm a votin' for her!!! Yaaahooo!!!" And each one of the kids in that photo above is a ticking time bomb.