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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Al Qaeda Sends A Christmas Card!

by Noah

Repugs: The Family Values Party!

How do Republican families say Merry Christmas just 3 days after a Michigan school shooting in which 4 children died in a hail of bullets and more lie fighting for their lives in their local hospital? The family of Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie psychotically throws it in the faces of the families who haven't even had time to bury their blood-soaked children yet. "Hi, we're the Massies and this is our war on your Christmas."

Yeah Meet smilin' Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie! Meet the whole damn family! "Merry Fucking Christmas from the Massies, the gun nut Massies. Our kids are all still alive so fuck you!" A picture worth a thousand words, or just two. Thomas Massie, the latest of the New Faces Of Republican Evil! Have yourselves Merry Christmas you total a-holes!!!!!! Damn, maybe it's not too late to put that little girl in the front into foster care before she becomes a school shooter too, not that any republican would give a damn.

Never forget the name of this sicko. And don't forget the cretins who voted for him either. Rep. Thomas Massie, a blatant ammosexual if there ever was one, made sure he had the biggest gun for the picture. It's an M-60. Massie gathered up his family and made sure they all brought their favorite killing machines. Then, all smiles and giggles (just like the accused Michigan shooter's dad at his arraignment), they posed for his annual family values Christmas photo! Yep. Typical Republican insensitivity with a psychopathy flavor, and yeah, not that you had to even ask, Massie is a loud and proud Kyle Rittenhouse supporter and cheerleader. And since he's from Kentucky, I can certainly understand if you suspect he's a big fan of the cops that shot Breonna Taylor, too. He's even proud to say that he was armed with a pistol in the Capitol Building during his party's attempted overthrow of the government on 1/6. Obviously, he didn't fire the pistol at any of the traitors when he had the chance as they were his people breaking into the House chamber so, yeah, one has to ask who he might have used it on if he'd had the chance and thought he could get away with it.

The photo went out to all of Massie's presumably mentally ill supporters and, of course, Massie tweeted it out to the world like any Proud Boy type would, saying Merry Christmas! PS. Santa, please bring ammo (followed by a gift wrapped present emoji). He did this after it came out that the Michigan shooter had been caught searching for ammo for ammo on his phone by a teacher; nice touch Massie! Have you always been a total scumbag? All of your life?

Rep. Massie is clearly quite the total head case, the new Marjorie Traitor Greene perhaps or, who knows, he could be going for a Lauren Boebert or Ron DeSantis act, or just about any other modern day Republican. Suffice to say, to me, he and his family look like an al Qaeda family. Their living room might as well be a cave in Pakistan or Afghanistan as far as any non-deplorable person is concerned. America is infested with this deranged pea-brained kind of filth and they send their own kind to Washington, to represent them. Maga Maga indeed.

By the way, in the interest of "See something? Say something," believe it or not, there was a time when a photo like this would earn a visit from the Feds to see if there was any bomb making activity in the basement.

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