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Midnight Meme Of The Day! And What A Grand Old Shitshow it Was!

by Noah

Throw in plenty of projection and heaps of homophobia and tonight's meme makes for quite a one week anniversary commemoration of the GOP's bigly bigly week of using the confirmation hearing of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to reiterate their stances. Not that I wish to speak for them, but I have no doubt that, from Trump, Ronna Romney McDaniel, and Moscow Mitchy McConnovich on down, the GOP is mighty, mighty proud of the really bigly show! "Sure to please our voters!"

I see no reason at all to let up on these psychos one bit. I've got news for the fools who think a new Civil War might be coming. It's already here and has been here for some time. In fact, a damn good case can be made that the first Civil War never ended. The longer we appease these goons, the worse things will get. As good as they were, Grant and Sherman were far too lenient. The so-called end of the Civil War was just kicking the can down the road. Now in 2022, just look at the four psychopathic confederates in tonight's meme as they continue the southern heritage of trying to put a black woman in "her place." The GOP and its media minions used the Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson hearings as an opportunity to figuratively yell the N-word from the rooftops of the Capitol Building much like they assembled their Confederate and Trump flag waving goons to the same halls for the same Nazi cause on 1/6/20. They even managed to have their sick kind parade their pro-slavery flags inside the building on that dreadful day, something Rober E. Lee's troops never managed to pull off back in the 1860s. That said, a group of their like-minded kind did manage to kill off our arguably greatest president. How sick is it now that they try to claim him as one of their own?

Leniency begets more of the same horrific behavior. It encourages it. And now the Civil War has spread to every state and seemingly every town in the nation. The Confederates weren't crushed enough in the war between the south and north. It wasn't enough to simply let the traitors return home with their guns. I would have had them hunting their food with slingshots and spears like the cavemen that they are to this day. The leniency encouraged a 100 years of night riding KKKrs. They were enabled. Instead of being hunted down like feral pigs, they grew in number. They were unchecked because of naivete, gutlessness, and, in some cases, institutional racism. Lack of punishment for 1/6 is having the same effect today. Last week's 4 days of live broadcasting of racist demogoguery will do the same. It was all an advertising platform for more insurrection and culture war crimes against Americans and the American ideal. Expect worse. It's coming. A whole country gone with the wind.


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