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Midnight Meme Of The Day! American Justice In Black & White

by Noah And rich versus poor. And connected versus not connected. But, of course the example of our farcical legal system as depicted above is exactly the kind of thing that gets your republican neighbors and relatives all in a tizzy when they hear or see the phrase "Black Lives Matter." Mr. Browder was never convicted but did 3 years. Weisselberg got a friends and family "comfy chair" deal and stands convicted of running a lifetime of scams for Traitor Don Trump as a consigliere for the Trump Crime Family. He got a whole 100 days and you might want to check and see if the judge has... "a brand new car!" You want rigged? I've got your rigged right there! Welcome to the game show you can buy! Meanwhile, I wonder if Las Vegas has odds on whether Weisselberg is eventually found hanged in his cell, mysteriously falls down the stairs, or croaks from a quick stab of a poison-laden Russian umbrella in the streets. Other questions center around whether or not Weisselberg will pull a Paul Manafort and repeatedly lie to the court. Why wouldn't he? He's 75 and can stay out of jail fighting perjury charges for the rest of his days. He'll be well-funded, too. Putin and the RNC will see to that!

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