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Midnight Meme Of The Day! America, Where Traitors Roam Free!

by Noah

In Peru and Germany, they just arrested their traitors. They did it a couple of weeks ago, as soon as they showed their intentions. Not here! By my count, there are at least 147 members of the House and $enate (their names are on record and can be viewed at the link) who willfully and with forethought participated in the attempt to overthrow the government on 1/6/21 by, at the least, announcing that they were voting to not certify the election of Joe Biden in hopes of encouraging, emboldening, and inciting the crowd that they had worked to assemble outside the Capitol Building by spreading misinformation. There was obviously coordination. None of J-6 just happened in a vacuum.

There's "Ted" Cruz, Rick Scott, and Josh Hawley among other Republican $enators who have made no bones about their allegiance both before and after J-6. There's the 34 representatives who were texting back and forth with Traitor Don's Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows on that gruesome day. There's Traitor Don's perverted "Win one for the Gipper" speech to the assembled mob of goons. We've all seen that film ad nauseum. There's Ginni Thomas. We have her more than merely incriminating texts. There's her corrupt, porno aficionado hubby who should already have been removed not just from the bench but from public life. There's Rudy Giuliani, a cretin who has seemingly dedicated his life to being repulsive in every way imaginable. There's John Eastman, Jeffrey Clark, William Barr, Mike Flynn, Steve Bannon, Don Jr., and pretty much anyone Traitor Don Trump has ever been associated with. What if Russian State TV star Tucker Carlson decides to run? Shouldn't he be disqualified? He might even have dual citizenship at this point. Then, there's every single $enator who voted not once but twice to keep the man they hoped would become "President For Life" in office.

Then how about all the accessories after the fact. You know, like the Merrick Garland DOJ. At least they can still rectify their chart, if only they choose to do so, in a better late than never fashion. Maybe I should just stop before I end up naming half of Washington. I didn't even mention the willing co-conspirators in state houses across the country. Funny how I've been saying things like this since the 1960s. The vermin used to have names like McNamara, Dulles, and Nixon but it has gotten exponentially worse every decade until now here we are, all because no one in Washington of any party had the numbers or the will to nip it in the bud or strangle it to death at an early age. It all metastasized on 1/6/21. The worst thing that Washington can do to America now is to end up taking the worst things that the DOJ and the House J-S Committee have found and sealing them up in the National Archives for a 100 years. You wanna place a bet that it hasn't been discussed? I always say two things about this sort of stuff: 1) Washington takes care of its own, and, 2) Surprise me. Please, go ahead and surprise me. Please! Really! Do the righteous thing, assuming you jackasses in suits are even capable.

The Constitution is now considered quaint in Washington. To those in government it is just a museum piece kept in a museum under glass (as depicted above) so tourists can drop by the museum, look at it, and walk away fooled into thinking that our officials hold it somehow sacred. It's just for show. Even now, Kremlin Kevin McCarthy has stated that he will have his treason caucus of 222 members cynically take turns making a mockery of the Constitution by reading it aloud for the cameras. I might watch just to see which traitor (nearly all of the 147 just got reelected by their pro-treason constituents) actually gets, in a moment of supreme mockery and irony, to read the passage depicted in tonight's meme.


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