• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! America's #1 Terrorist Featured On Prime Time TV

by Noah

You can be thrown in jail for having a broken taillight or possessing two spliffs in this country, but being a terrorist leader that sends several thousand of his army of murderous red-hatted white supremacist goons into the halls of Congress to kill leaders who oppose him? Well, that's OK, just peachy, and you're free to roam about the country unshackled in chains.

On Saturday night, I sat down to watch game 4 of the World Series. I turned to my local FOX broadcast channel since, unfortunately, they were the ones carrying the game and, to be honest, we all make regrettable little compromises. The third inning was just about to start but were the cameras focused on the field? Nope. Instead, they were focused on America's homegrown terrorist leader Donald Trump, a man who declared that we should all boycott baseball just a few months ago, waving from a deluxe private box like Mussolini thanks to the owners of the Atlanta Braves baseball team. Think about it. The Atlanta Braves and FOX thought it was a great idea to have America's number one terrorist leader at our national pastime, give him their private box, broadcast it to the nation, and even do it in prime time. They obviously thought it was a swell branding opportunity. I'll leave the high-fivin' after party blow-a-thon to your imagination. Since Saturday night, the so-called liberal media coverage of this grotesque event has been equally heinous as every other outlet as they focused on Trump's doing the tomahawk chop and waving to the crowd. I have waited in vain for anything more, not that I expected it would be forthcoming. Nope. No comments on the Braves owners showing solidarity with American terrorism. I wonder how many deaths and who's they had hoped for on 1/6. Yeah, the tomahawk chop is a bad thing but focusing on that when it's been covered to death instead of the fact that Major League Baseball and the Atlanta Braves are giving America's homegrown, number one terrorist leader an additional platform and treating him as anything other than a traitorous criminal terrorist who should be tried, fried, and buried at sea like Osama bin Laden is a sign that the country truly has a complete death wish. Do it off Mar-a-Lago and let the 70 million Trumpers go look for his weighted casket in shark infested waters. That might be prime time TV actually worth watching. "Let's Go Sharks!" Anyone got a phone number for Seal Team Six or a Seal Team Six Bat Signal? This nation is in sore need of it. Call them the next time Traitor Don makes a public appearance. Give them the coordinates and be done with him. Trump claims that he was invited by MLB's Commissioner Rob Manfred and New York Yankees president Randy Levine. At least that's the story the Atlanta team is offering, as the media lets the Braves ownership off the hook for offering their box to the Orange Menace To Society, his plastic mail order wife and several of his parasitic goonsquad. Manfred, the already proven Colonel Klink of baseball, denies culpability but, in reality, apparently the MLB and the DOJ also think it's all just fine and dandy. Earth to Merrick Garland: It isn't. Levine has apparently gone into hiding for days, and as the cliche goes, "can't be reached for comment." Atlanta Braves CEO Terry McGuirk says. "Of course I said yes" to the idea. Of course? What's the matter Terry? Taliban leadership just couldn't make it all the way from Afghanistan in time? Was the crowd cheering? You bet many were but I didn't stick around. The original Frankenstein was playing on TCM (ironic, isn't it?). I watched that instead. I prefer fictional monsters over real ones. I couldn't hit the remote fast enough. Mary Shelley's monster had more humanity than any Repug ever will, especially their Dear Leader, Traitor Don. What's next, a KKK rally at halftime of the first game of the NBA finals, MC'd by Stephen Miller? After what I saw on Saturday, I would not be shocked at all, dismayed but not shocked.