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Midnight Meme Of The Day! A Virus With Endless Variants

by Noah

No, this isn't about COVID-19. There's another lethal virus still infecting this country. We could call it Republicanism or Nazism or Trumpism but really those are all obviously synonyms of each other and have been for some time. So, for lack of a better name, let's go back to the year of this most exponentially explosive outbreak and name this virus what it is: Trump-16 virus.

Trump-16 was around for a long time but, like most viruses, it festered and grew mostly undetected by any kind of normal radar. It was seen and known by a small percentage of the public but only in New York was the danger clearly seen. For all intents and purposes, though, Trump-16 announced itself as a threat to all life on Earth the day it rode down the escalator at Trump Tower to announce its candidacy for President of the United States in a language that runs counter to every American ideal. The virus then proceeded to infect the entire Republican Party. The symptoms have been clear ever since as nearly a 100% of republicans everywhere began to talk and act like Spore #1 himself. America, even with the plethora of warning signs, foolishly failed to vaccinate itself.

Trump-16 was not taken seriously enough by people who should have known better and now its nurturing variants which are in turn growing unchecked. These variants have names. I've given them medical names. They are suitable names for sociopathic and psychopathic monstrosities that double as symptoms of a larger widespread kind of contagious psychosis. Some of the names of these variants are listed below. Be sure to protect yourself as they themselves grow, stupidly unchecked, as a contagion.

1. Boeberta

2. KevMcQ

3. Traitor-Greene

4. "AJ" or Alex Jones

5. Grasshole-C

7. Proud Boy


9. Moscow M-KY

10. Cancuner

11. Gym Jordan

12. White Pillow

13. Gosar

14. DeathSantis

15. TikiTorchTC

and, of course,

16. JR Methyl-Benzo

That's just 16 manifestations of what Trump-16 has mutated into. There are so many more. More every damn day and that's the problem. Without a thorough vaccination program to contain Trump-16, the variants are continuing to brew and spread. "Just Say No!" will never be enough. The longer Trump-16 goes without being sealed in a giant lead beaker for eternity squared, the worse this spreading plague will be. Locking up and isolating Trump-16 alone will not solve our problems if Trump-16's many variants are allowed to continue proliferating and infecting the country any longer. Already, both houses of Congress and state houses are full of Trump-16 variants, all aping the original as best they can, cloning and mutating away, broadcasting to at least 70,000,000 Americans who display signs of infection or otherwise vulnerable immune systems. We are at the crisis tipping point. Cutting the daddy virus off at its roots and cleaning up the rest might just make things go a little easier but if the variants are allowed to proliferate and grow any bigger all by themselves... well, good luck with that!


Just as we suspected all along, yesterday the news broke that disgraced ex-president Donnie Psycho tested positive for COVID-19 less than 3 days before his campaign debate with now president Joe Biden. This is according to his former Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows who of course said absolutely nothing about it at the time because he's a complete scumbag. Neither did any of the other vermin staff Trump surrounded himself with.

A true psychopath, Trump knowingly exposed Gold Star families, his and Biden's Secret Service details, journalists, and everyone else at the debate. It would be bad enough to have to be in the same room with Trump but to be in the same room with him and breathing the same air while he was carrying COVID? Was he hoping Biden would catch it? You know he was. Trump and staff would then have used it as a campaign issue to the max. There is no end to the depravity.

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