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  • Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! A Shattered Mike Pence Loves His Abusers!

by Noah

So Mike Pence doesn't want to testify before the J-6 Committee. He feels that, if he testified against the deranged traitor who tried his best to have him lynched, he might piss off his party and ruin his chances at getting the GOP nomination in 2024. Hard to make this kind of stuff up!

Note to Mike Pence: Your party is already sooo pissed off at you that they not only tried to kill you already, they also all but turned "Hang Mike Pence" into their motto! Time to get those flies out of your skull, Mikey! A little self-awareness goes a long way! Put the bottle down! Hasn't anyone in your family ever tried an intervention? Hint to "Mother!" It's not too late, or is it?

I'll give Pence credit for one thing, though. At least he didn't get in that car. I guess he learned from Jimmy Hoffa's mistake. Just imagine! We could spend the next 50 years wondering if Mike Pence lies buried under a football field, encased in concrete in a Detroit hotel foundation, or plated in gold and stored in a secret room at Mar-a-Lago!

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