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Midnight Meme Of The Day! A Republican Sugar Daddy In Deep Shit

by Noah As I said yesterday, I only watch State Of The Union speeches in bits and pieces. That's always about all I can stand. I've never been fond of dropping into a room of imbeciles being presided over by a ringmaster no matter how I may feel about the ringmaster. If I was the president, I'd be standing up there with a whip in one hand and a well-charged taser gun in the other or, maybe, I'd go the President Dwayne Elizando Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho route, complete with automatic weaponry. We're gonna get there someday real real soon anyway so it might as well be me. Anyway, in yesterday's post I mentioned the key moments I had seen. I knew I had missed some worthwhile moments but a friend who watched the whole thing told me I did miss something I might have enjoyed seeing. Specifically, it was the sight of Moscow Mitch McTraitor looking unbelievably sad and sinking down in his seat as Ringmaster Biden mentioned all the glorious things that are being done by multiple countries to restrict the cash flow of Putin and his oligarchic wise guy mobster buddies. It seems that Putin has transgressed so badly that even Switzerland is pissed off and taking action. Now that's being a world class C-word! So, right, we'll see if such actions work but I have a feeling that we won't be seeing any film of Putin begging on a Moscow bus or street corner anytime soon. I'm sure the scum who work at Deutsche Bank or similar will find a way to slip him some more nicely laundered cash. Everyone wants to protect their investments, you know but just the very idea of Moscow Mitch worrying, even briefly, about where his next bag of rubles is coming from makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Maybe Matt Gaetz can find Putin (or Mitch) some nice underage Flor-i-duh girls to pimp for cash. Hell, if the Ruskies wanna get really freaky, Gaetz can always send Putin his buddy Marjorie Traitor Greene. As for Trump, maybe he'll help his buddy Putin out and return past favors by handing over some of that cash he and RNC Chairbozo Ronna Romney McDaniel have been grifting and fleecing off of Republican voters since the 2020 election, in return for any and all Pee Tapes of course.



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