• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! A FOX Christmas Tree Tale!

by Noah

So some loon set fire to FQX's Christmas tree and FOX is using it to stoke fears in its already paranoid viewers. Soon they will get back to telling people not to get vaccinated, black people are bad, and electric cars are the Devil. Meanwhile, I have snarky questions:

1. Did he see himself as an instrument of karma?

2. Did he even know who's tree it was?

3. Was he appalled at what a tacky looking tree it was and decided to take action?

4. Would the Jewish Space Lasers have eventually gotten around to doing the same thing?

5. Was the whole thing an inside job marketing ploy for FOX's annual "War On Christmas" idiocy?

6. Did Bill O'Reilly send him in an act of vengeance for being fired?

7. Will we ever know?

8. Will we ever care?

Most importantly, I hope this is not the beginning of some sort of national trend, you know, like gangs of idiots storming malls to loot whatever they can. Anyway, to the Goebbels clones at FOX, sometimes you reap what you sow.

PS. Do you ever wonder what the FOX goons imagine hanging from the Christmas tree branches in their homes? Hint: The classic song "Strange Fruit" is not a Christmas Carol, at least not to normal people.