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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

It's about time someone sued FOX "News" over its incessant Stalinist disinformation campaigns! Smartmatic deserves a Presidential Medal Of Freedom just for the attempt. Sean Hannity narrating conspiracies about Seth Rich's death every night just wasn't enough for the republican viewers of FOX "News." The whole thing may have started with FOX's endless tales of Vince Foster not killing himself but being "murdered by the Clintons" but lies and conspiracy news for nuts was always what FOX was about. It was its raison d'etre. From "Tales Of Vince Foster," it catapulted to 24 hours of "Obama Was Born In Kenya" with nuts like Newt Gingrich talking about Obama's "deep seated racism" and Senor Trumpanzee telling the world that he had men investigating Obama's birth certificate and "you wouldn't believe the things they're finding." Of course, we never heard what they found because they were never there in the first place, but, such things just don't matter to the republican mind.

No, it just wasn't enough. Neither were Trump's favorite broadcasters Glenn Beck and Alex Jones. The Republican thirst for conspiracy can never be quenched. TV was nice and FOX has its internet presence but it wasn't interactive social media. Social media provides instant gratification. Why wait for your daily dose of the likes of Rush Limbaugh telling you daily stories about child labor camps on Mars when you can just go on Facebook and make up your own ghost stories? FOX "News" and bloated, drug-addled radio goons will still play the biggest hits but they can never play 'em all. Neither can AON, Sinclair or Newsmax. Facebook and other social media have no time or space constraints. They're there when you want it. You don't have to adhere to stinkin' network schedules. Now that's freedom!

In a way, I feel bad for newcomers in the "network' conspiracy game; newcomers like American One. AON is trying to get a foothold by going even deeper into lunatic land than FOX "News" but they'll eventually come to realize that, although they have an audience of some of the crazy portion of this country, they have the same limitations as FOX "News" when it comes to displaying their creativity. They are already even crazier than FOX "News" but, eventually they just won't be enough of a bad thing. Addiction is a terrible mistress, a mistress that demands more and more, boundless conspiracies both in number and border containment. Facebook has them all beat. So do a host of other online "news sources." More and more you see republicans at various rallies telling interviewers that they got their "evidence" and information about democrats drinking the blood of babies, voter fraud, and all the rest of the lunacy they bathe in on "The Internet." They really do feel that they've "educated themselves" so, yes, I suppose they really do have a doctorate from Facebook University. F.U. indeed! Even the total fraud of Trump University is obsolete.

But now, even Facebook isn't enough to satisfy the addictions of the insane. Just like with the TV and radio channels, Facebook is becoming safe and behind the times. Parler came and left. But there's still FB and Twitter and there will be more and more alternatives. It's bound to happen. The spongebrain of the republican hive has an infinite capacity for lunacy. The addiction grew so immense that it all but demanded the oracle of Q.

But, for now, if only we can get Republicans to go have a massive multi-millions rally on the lip of the Grand Canyon and convince them that yelling their conspiracies into the canyon will amplify their message by echoing it around the world and into the heavens. Take the leap, republicans! Here's my revelation for today, republicans! You've been wondering just who Q is? Well, I'm here to tell you! I am Q! That's right. Noah and Q. One in the same! I am Q, your most trusted infosource! I am Q! You can trust me! Take the leap! Take two steps off the edge of the canyon. Nothing bad will happen! I guarantee it! I am Q, the one you can always believe! Take the fucking leap! Do it! Do it now!!!!

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