• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

It's always bothered Queen Melanoma and that thing she's married to that she's never once appeared on the cover of Vogue but why would she? Now, we hear that Melania and Traitor Don are fuming that Vice President Kamala Harris is on the cover of the magazine. The people at Vogue are very careful with their brand and have always tried to project an air of class and some level of substance. In my day, Melanie might have appeared on the covers of magazines with names like Tail, Cheri, Swank, and Club International. Melania would never be up to even the standards of Penthouse or Hustler. Vogue? You kidding? Not a chance.

So, what about that hideous dress she was wearing on Wednesday as she and the loser hubby deplaned in Flor-i-duh? Is it made from cheap 1970s motel wallpaper? The drapes? The shower curtain? Was it just a cry for attention? Is it some sort of tacky Flor-i-duh thing? Was some fashion designer playing a trick on her? Is it a traditional Slovenian divorce dress?

I love the end of this clip where she just walks away from her loser husband, if that's even really her.