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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

For decades now, I have always wondered who or what group of people Republicans would focus their abundance of hate upon next. They never disappoint. A few friends and I even once had an office pool about who the next target of their incessant hate-fueled insanity would be. Sure, "the blacks" is a no-brainer for the nobrains. That one is a qualification for joining up. It defines 99.9% of the Republican Party. But I'm old enough to remember when guy could be accosted or even spat upon, even run off a road for just having long hair and girls would be called all sorts of things for wearing a skirt above the, wait for it, knee! OMG! OMG! OMG! Such is the weirdness and insecurity of Republicans.

We've seen Republicans devote every ounce of their daily hostility towards Jews, LGBTQ people, feminists (really, women of all stripes), civil rights workers of any kind, Muslims, and anyone who fights for a living wage and/or worker rights. The list is endless. Now, it's people who either choose to wear a mask or follow a mandate to do so. On New York's Staten Island, they're even turning on police who are trying to enforce health mandates and pub closures designed to save their lives. One Trump-Nut pub owner drove his car into a local sheriff while trying to escape arrest for defying COVID restrictions. The sheriff sustained two broken legs. Whatever happened to Blue Lives Matter? Oh, that was sooo four months ago!

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