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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Sure, defunding the $enate isn't really feasible but I like the sentiment of my little meme creation for tonight. Please consider... What is it they actually do there?

  • Becoming a U.S. $enator is the biggest no-show job in America. Consider that they have done nothing all year but appoint dozens of substandard judges. Any random panel of 100 people in this country could do the same job via smartphones with pretty much the same putrid results. The smartphones also have more brain capacity than your average $enator. The average Little League Baseball umpire would do as well appointing judges, and they are used to getting yelled at and booed, too!

  • The current U.S. $enate should be renamed. I suggest that it be called The American Institute For The Promulgation Of Human Misery since that is apparently their goal, the be all and end all of their existence. How else do you explain the fact that they refused to remove a virus-spreading psychopathic treason puppet from the oval office when reality and morality screamed that they do so immediately? Oh, that's right, the money.

  • Speaking of money, we pay them. What the fuck are we paying them for? It makes no sense to continue paying them. Half of them, give or take, get as many rubles from Putin's mobster team of oligarchs as get dollars from us. These cretins who do nothing for us in the form of relief or anything else might as well be top mobsters siphoning off a cut of our hard-earned money in a fake protection racket. They consider us their "good earners." If you looked at a tapeworm under a microscope, its face would look exactly like Mitch McConnell's. Guess what assholes, our jobs are drying up faster and faster due to your own lack of action. Yeah, I know your solution will be to hold your hand out and take in even more cash from your socialism-subsidized oil company friends in the never ending upward spiral of your corruption.

  • They claim to be the ones who write our laws but we all know or should know that our laws are written by corporate lobbyists who pay our $enators to look the other way and just appropriate the cash, which comes from us.

  • And, we pay for "our" $enators' health care while we can't afford it for ourselves. No sane society would allow this to continue even for another hour. Fuck them. Let them die. Not one drop of chemo. Not one bypass on our tab! They're on their own. They get more than enough money by spending 12 hours out of every day dialing corporate scumbags for corporate graft. The rest of their time is spent on insider stock trading ala $enators Perdue, Loeffler, Burr, and Fossil Feinstein's hubby and getting free lunches from briefcase-carrying K Street Bribery Squads. And, don't forget that every major bank and corporation in this world keeps a detailed hooker preference profile on every one in Congress. It helps to keep people in line.

  • You can count on one hand the number of $enators who ran for the job thinking they would do something good for the average American. Meanwhile, restaurants are going under, food lines and hospitals are maxed out and small businesses are going, going gone. The $enate's solution? Give more tax breaks to the top of the economic dung pile. Why? So some of it can be kicked back to them in the form of "campaign contributions" and other graft, of course. Merry Fucking Christmas from the U.S. $enate!

Bring on the job position evaluation experts:


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