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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Mixed Feelings/Bad Memories/Double Standards:

I don't condone the kinds of things that New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo has been accused of. Having worked for four corporations in my life, I've seen way too much sexual harassment and even experienced being the target of it myself, before it even had a name. It was while I worked for a drug-addled English company where such behavior was beyond rampant. At a reunion of the company employees, the guilty guy in my case commented that the turnout indicated what a nice place the company was to work for. I only heard that second hand. I didn't go. When I was invited, I asked if I could bring a machete.

I grew up in New Jersey and I live in New York. In recent years, New Jersey has had the uber-boorish Chris Christie and New York has had the arrogant, self-adoring Andrew Cuomo. The two men are the evil twins of each other. Republican ying and Democratic yang. Cuomo is lucky that New York was plagued with the hideous embarrassment that is Rudy Giuliani. Everyone should have a Rudy around to make them look good by comparison.

But, this whole Cuomo episode, as bad as it is, has become one hell of an example of the term "double standard," just as the above tweet points out. I expect sleaze and assholeness from politicians. Think about what kind of person needs so much approval, servitude, and praise that they spend millions of dollars just to get it. Ask yourself how many of them consider doing for others as just the price they have to pay for power and adulation.

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