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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

How long before Tucker Tiki Torch and the rest of his white supremacist colleagues whine and lament that Pamela was singled out, "cancelled" and mistreated by the "liberal" legal system in a case of "liberal" selected prosecution because of her comment about Michelle Obama? Would it surprise you if they already have?

Pamela Taylor is the former West Virginia Clay County official who tried to fleece FEMA of nearly $20,000 in bogus home damage claims after a flood but she really drew attention to herself and made herself infamous by calling Michelle Obama "a ape in heels," a comment that, even though ungrammatical (or maybe because of), made her as much of a hero in republican circles as Kim Davis, that Kentucky critter who refused to give gay couples marriage licenses.

I'm only bringing up this case, which was resolved 2 years ago, because it's an excellent example of the kind of race-based white privilege whining that was going on for four whole days at the CPAC Trumpfest at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando this past weekend. Judging from the speeches there, republicans regard being ridiculed or worse for making racist or homophobic statements as "cancel culture." "Cancel culture" was, in fact, the main theme (other than "Trump won" of the whole rancid 2021 CPAC get together. Even their stage built of Nazi symbols proclaimed it in words. There is great irony in claiming you are being "cancelled" when you yourself have dedicated your life to "cancelling" others.

Meanwhile, in a fit of nationwide cancellation policy, Republican-controlled legislatures in 33 states are passing or trying to pass over 165 Jim Crow-style state voter suppression laws that are designed to make it nearly impossible for African-Americans, people Republicans either consider or outright call "apes," to exercise their Constitutional right to vote. The Domestic Terrorism Party is an inch away from going back to the days when African-Americans had to correctly guess the number of jellybeans in a polling place jar if they wanted to exercise that right. Already, this week, the Georgia legislature has passed a bill that effectively amounts to just that. The fact that the state of Georgia went for Biden, Warnock, and Harris due to African-American votes infuriates Republicans that much and more. No doubt terror-inducing lynchings are next on their list.

And now a word about our unequal justice system: As tonight's meme states, Pamela Taylor faced a sentence of 30 years. She also faced a potential fine of $500,000. She got off with a comparative slap on the wrist. She was allowed to cop a plea and agreed to pay back the nearly $20,000. She then got a mere 10 months in prison, a $10,000 fine, and 3 years of adult supervision with the first two months being home confinement in a nice designer ankle bracelet. Had she been an African-American defending her home from an intruder or caught with one or two joints, or she'd get a suffocating knee on the neck, a bullet in the head, or be in jail for 10 to 20 years, in some states, more. White privilege at work, folks. White Lives Matter. Just who is being cancelled?


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