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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Don't ya love it when Republicans say they aren't Nazis? Are you yourself among the naive fools who think today's conservatism doesn't equal Nazism? Well, just take a gander at how the 2021 CPAC Trumpfest deliberately designed its stage to incorporate not just one but two symbols beloved and used by Nazis worldwide. Coinkydink? No way, Jose! Just take a look at how both the ceiling and the floor of the CPAC stage incorporated both a swastika and an Odal rune.

While the swastika is well known to the general public, the Odal rune is slightly less so although it was proudly adorned on some Nazi flags and even Nazi SS uniforms. Here is the flag of the 7th SS Freiwillingen-Gebrigs from World War II -

Now compare it to the CPAC stage floor:

The original ancient Odal rune, also known as the Othala rune, did not have the "feet" at the ends of the terminal legs. Those "feet" were an adaptation that dates to the Nazi Germans in 1930. Obviously, it was an adaptation that was meant to conjure happy thoughts of the swastika in the sick minds of the republican CPAC attendees. Now, take another look at the ceiling of the CPAC stage in tonight's meme above and see more of the same. Pay attention to the patterns drawn by both the rows of white lights and the lines of red lights.

And, take a look at the Odal Nazi flag below as it was carried among Trump's "very fine people" at Charlottesville in 2017. The Odal rune in the flag is not physically altered like the flag above but both the context of the rest of the banner design and the white supremacist people carrying it tells the story.

This is how emboldened Trump has made the Republican Party. It's all right out in the open. The Republicans don't even bother to hide their mission anymore. They aren't even bothering to hide in plain sight. This isn't the made up idiocy of Q. The CPAC stage was a real and tangible thing. It was made of a symbolic language that conservatives use to communicate with each other. Ignore that at our peril.


1 Comment

Mar 02, 2021

been calling them nazis for years now.

maybe now the punditry will dispense with the soft-sell of calling them fascists or neo-fascists?

been predicting this for decades (4 of them) too.

maybe I should hire myself out as a prophet and start a new religion. I hear there's a lot of money to be made.

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