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  • Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Look Ahead America, indeed.

Well, they did it. They really did it. They wheeled the golden statue of Dear Leader (shown above) right into the lobby at their CPAC soiree! And here, all along, since 2016, I've been saying the Repugs are worshipping Donnie Psycho like some biblical fatted golden calf. Well, it's obvious now that they not only admit it, they're goin' all the way with it; and they mean ALL the way. I should have known that they'd actually start making physical objects for their idolatry. Trump is their lord and master. Soon the Republicans will be wearing little gold statues of Donnie Psycho on gold chains around their necks. Of course! They'd always want to take him everywhere they go! It won't be long before their suckin' on their new neckwear like it's a pacifier and who knows where else they'll be putting their little gold Donnie. Don't worry Lindsey, the nation's ERs have seen it all. Besides you have all that nice healthcare that we pay for even though you don't want us to have any.

Trump is their god and they are proud to bow down and proclaim it. At CPAC, they flocked to their golden idol to actually pose for pictures with it. They're so proud of every perversion Trump represents! That's how far gone they all are! That's how it was at this weekend's CPAC Loonfest. These soulless Republican zombies are not coming back to even a hint of sanity either. It's a mass insanity, a frenzy. They are out of control dervishes, doubling, tripling, quadrupling and quintupling down on "the crazy." The Domestic Terrorism Party has jumped into the black hole of Trump and done it of its own free will. It's love, baby! It's love and those golden chains will get heavier and heavier, and not just for them.

There they all were at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference): Drugged out Donnie Jr. (who says CPAC should be named after his insane father and called TPAC even though QPAC would be more accurate) and his girlfriend Kimberly Tinfoil, $enator Fled Cruz from Bizarro World Texass once again abandoning his constituents, all speaking in tongues to the crowd. It was a veritable who's who of the conservative movement. And don't forget ol' Adolf Hawley from Missouri proudly proclaiming that he is one with the murderous, cop-killing mob of Trump goons that he cheered on in the Republican Party's failed 1/6 coup attempt. The crowd loved Hawley for it, cheering him wildly, regretting only that the coup attempt failed and that more people weren't killed. They may not have gotten four more years of their chosen psychopath in the White House but they got blood and they long for more. This is a bloodthirsty bunch that still wishes Pence had been hung and Pelosi, AOC, and so many others had been torn to pieces and they made no bones about it. They dream of another go at it just like when al Qaeda failed to bring down the World Trade Towers with truck bombs in 1993; and they won't wait as long as al Qaeda for round two.

Only a fool would make the mistake of regarding a Republican, any republican, as anything but a clear and present danger to this country, but, yes, there will be plenty of naive fools, and when something even worse than 1/6, something like that planned blow-up of the Capitol Building during the first Biden State Of The Union address, they will say things like "Who could have known?" just like Condoleezza Rice said no one could have imagined America's enemies hijacking planes and flying them into buildings even after we all grew up watching films of Kamikazes flying planes into our ships. It is said that the 9/11 plane that was brought down in Pennsylvania was heading to the Capitol Building. Do you really think some Trump Militia group hasn't already thought of that one?

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