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Last Night, Biden Owned The Cons... MAGA-ism On Display

While Roland and I were eating dinner and listening to Biden’s SOTU being drowned out by booing and screeches from Marjorie Traitor Greene, he said, “Who was that guy who yelled ‘You Lie’ at Obama? Yeah, that was far right nut Joe Wilson from South Carolina. He’s long since been eclipsed by a brand of outright fascists like Traitor Greene, Andy Biggs, George Santos or whatever his name is and Lauren Boebert. And not many people seem as shocked by their behavior as they were when the whole country was repulsed by Wilson, who was formally reprimanded by the House for his outburst. Last night half the Republicans were Joe Wilson. John Harris wrote that “With boos, taunts, groans, and sarcastic chortles, the opposition party effectively turned themselves into prime-time props for President Joseph Biden… By the end, the GOP’s heckling— from ‘secure the border!’ to ‘bullshit!’— marked an ominous start for Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s high-stakes partnership this year. The California Republican, who began the night vowing to play the adult in the room, instead found himself sitting stoically at the dais as his GOP hardliners heckled the president.”

No one ever accused far right crackpot and warmonger John Bolton of being “moderate” or even mainstream, but even his stomach was turned last night by Marjorie Traitor Greene’s behavior. He referred to her and others like her as “performance artists, and they can’t help it… Marjorie Taylor Greene is now the face of the Republican Party, and it’s a mistake. There are some people who like what she does and that’s why she does it. But the vast majority of people— and especially people who are temperamentally Republicans but have been pushed away by Trump and others— react negatively to that kind of behavior, understandably. It’s a mistake.”

The Punchbowl News crew wrote this morning that “It was, to say the least, an unusual SOTU speech, even shocking at points, yet also a mostly effective one for the president. The focus was very heavy on domestic issues and there was little discussion of foreign policy. Despite being warned by Republican leaders to behave themselves, there were constant jeers, boos and interjections from rank-and-file GOP lawmakers in the audience. Yet Biden– who has more than 50 years in politics– rolled with it. At one point, Biden had a sort of call-and-response exchange with Republicans over preserving Social Security and Medicare. Biden sarcastically agreed with them that the hugely popular programs are off the table in any budget talks… Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) had several outbursts during the address. MTG screamed that China was spying on the United States when Biden mentioned competition with the rising Asian superpower. She yelled about China during Biden’s riff on combating fentanyl. She screamed during the debt ceiling bit… Speaker Kevin McCarthy appeared to shush her and other House Republicans at times, but it didn’t matter.” She actually tried to shout Biden down. Is this how ladies act in Georgia these days! Or elected officials?

This morning, after her drunken red-neck-comes-to-Washington performance, Philip Bump asked why Traitor Greene is in Congress. “The 2020 campaign that first brought her to Washington wasn’t centered on the policy proposals Greene wanted to enact as a legislator. Her campaign was instead centered mostly on fringe rhetoric and chastisements of the D.C. establishment, including members of her own party. This was amplified after Republican leaders like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) criticized past comments of Greene’s that were racist or endorsed the QAnon conspiracy theory. But that didn’t matter. Greene easily won the primary and then election in a district that backed Donald Trump by a 3 to 1 margin. So now she’s in Congress— and was a key ally of McCarthy in his struggle to be elected House speaker. Her willingness to throw bombs at her perceived opponents has made her a force in Republican politics, one that McCarthy clearly thinks is useful to keep close.”

In other words, Greene is in Congress because her style of agitating the Republican base was useful in winning a primary in a deep-red district, winning election in a wildly pro-Trump one and in getting access to the core of Republican institutional power. And this, really, is the Republican Party’s central weakness, as made obvious in last year’s midterm elections: It is very, very good at energizing its base and not very good at appealing to everyone else.
On Tuesday night, President Biden delivered his State of the Union address. This annual event is Congress’s prom, an opportunity to get dressed up and be fancy with lots of expectations that people will be on their best behavior. Before this year’s iteration, McCarthy cautioned his caucus to behave, reportedly reminding them that the country would be watching.
To continue the prom analogy, this is a bit like the principal telling the jocks that the local news would be filming the dance and not to act up. Guess what the jocks are going to do?
So Biden’s speech was interrupted repeatedly by jeers and catcalls from the Republican side of the aisle, with Greene often among the most vocal. Biden handled the interruptions adroitly. McCarthy could be seen offering various scolding facial contortions— pursed-lip shushes, eyebrow-raised cautions— to no apparent effect. The crew looking to be clamorous offered clamor.
There are probably two reasons they chose to do so.
One is explicit: They hoped to draw attention to themselves. When Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) loudly accused Barack Obama of lying during a 2009 speech to Congress, he became a focus of media attention for days on end. At the time, of course, this deviation from decorum was astonishing and unexpected; the raucous, confrontational path to election that Donald Trump flattened down in 2016 had not yet been fully cleared. In the context of the modern Republican approach to politics, Wilson’s interruption seems almost dignified.
So the odds were good on Tuesday night that if you pulled off something crazy enough, you might be the jock who gets interviewed by the reporter from Channel 6. But what happens when all the jocks compete to be the wildest? All that gets on air is a bunch of jocks ruining prom. A few people accused Biden of lying last night, it seems; the media has barely bothered to figure out who did, besides Greene.
The other motivation for interrupting Biden is implicit: Many Republican elected officials are simply used to treating their opponents with overt disdain. Greene has endorsed QAnon theories and mused about executions of prominent Democrats. Given the rare opportunity to be face-to-face with Biden, we should expect her to demurely observe his speech?
We should not be surprised that McCarthy’s warning to his caucus about behaving went unheeded. We should not be surprised that his efforts to quell the uproar in the moment were ignored. We should not be surprised that on Wednesday morning he excused the interruptions as evidence of his caucus being “passionate.” After all, the story of McCarthy’s tenure as leader of his party has largely been about his failure to erect fences around the party’s fringe, from Trump on down.
There is simply a large element of his party that is focused on combating the left, on fighting Democrats or other elites in Fox News hits or punchy tweets. They do so for the same reasons some of them interrupted Biden’s speech: They want attention or they are simply behaving in the way they’ve become accustomed to behaving. There’s a Pavlovian element here. Greene and others have been successful at getting Republican votes by ginning up Republican anger. In districts where Republicans win easily, that works just fine. In the jostle to get attention and support from Republicans nationally, extremism in this regard is a boon. But in winning contested races? Less so.
The 2022 midterms showed the challenge here. Biden was quite unpopular, but Democrats fared decently. In part, this was a function of Republican candidates running in swing states who alienated moderate voters: Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania, Kari Lake in Arizona, Herschel Walker in Georgia. These were candidates who won party primaries while offering fringy, Trumpian rhetoric and who lost in the general because, even in a year that should have been good for Republicans, they were seen as too toxic.
The State of the Union address is barely in the rearview mirror, so it’s probably premature to draw sweeping conclusions about its effects. Most Americans didn’t watch and will rely on subsequent reporting to learn about it. But those who watched saw a pattern that mirrored the midterms: a president who they probably don’t love being confronted by an unusually disrespectful cadre of Republicans.
McCarthy’s problem is his party’s problem: Its base feeds on and expects aggressive anti-Democratic rhetoric, and the conservative media and many elected officials jostle to provide it. They— the media and the politicians— are largely insulated against any negative effects. Greene isn’t going to lose a Republican primary if she gives Republican voters what they want, and no Republican will lose a general election in that district.
Perhaps your assumption is that some Republicans will also find the outbursts distasteful. Perhaps. But this is why you have responses like the one co-host Brian Kilmeade offered on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning: Biden goaded them into that outcry. It’s the Democratic president’s fault, after all.
The system churns forward.

Boebert hoped to outshine Traitor Greene. It didn’t work— but... she had suggested a couple of days earlier that God uses her-- the anti-Jesus version that she worships-- to stand up to McCarthy, whom she indirectly referred to as one of her “demons,” while speaking at a women’s conference at a Dallas church over the weekend. Amy Wang reported that Boebert told a crowd of right wing religious nut Texas women in Dallas that she was praying that Biden leave the White House: “Let his days be few and another take his office,” citing a Bible verse that includes a prayer for the death of one’s enemy.

From a more positive perspective, Katie Porter (D-CA) told her supporters this morning that her favorite moments included Biden “talking about holding big corporations and billionaires accountable. From cracking down on stock buybacks to creating good-paying jobs, we can build an economy that works for working people. Capitalism can and should be about lifting up workers. A phrase you hadn’t heard at a State of the Union since 1989: ‘antitrust.’ From getting rid of junk fees to going after Big Pharma, the President laid out a bold consumer protection agenda, building on the work we’ve started.”


Feb 09, 2023

Here I will offer another gem for some of y'all to improve yourselves as human beings.

Hatewatt has brought this up before, and here clh1144 resorts to the same dodge:

A standard refuge of people who don't want to be shamed for doing bad is to challenge (and try to belittle) the challenger with: well... why haven't YOU fixed the world... or some version of that.

Whenever you hear or see that retort, just know that the responder ... has nuthin.

Look, I don't have all the answers... but I can define the problem for y'all. This I've done (and been validated by DWT and the democrap party and the shithole) for going on 50 years now.

If you're too…

Feb 11, 2023
Replying to

yes. but no nixon -- no kissinger. Even so, nixon was not as bad as all those who followed with the exception of Carter who at least meant well.


Feb 09, 2023

hatewatt's ideas to make anything at all better:


hatewatt's default reflex to seeing anything at all I offer WITHOUT reading it:

(see below)

y'all may tire of the repetition, but I haven't been wrong. your democrap party keeps proving me correct. you voters keep proving me correct. and hatewatt keeps proving that he's never going to be useful in any way.

Feb 09, 2023
Replying to

then you don't need to read it. but you damn sure should understand what I've been saying or the reich will do to you what germany did to the trade unions and social democrats and communists and cat'licks and Roma and Slavs and jews.

what have I done? I've fucking tried. which, if all you do is vote democrap and hope, is far more than you've ever done.


Allow me to present dcrapper's first draft of his comment below-

shithole shithole horseshit dumber than shit shithole shithole shitheads flushing flushing shithole shithole dumber than shit shithole.


Feb 08, 2023

didn't watch sotu because i hate being lied to. no surprise that the nazis are acting like nazis... back in 1930... disrupting and bellowing and acting like shitheads.

but, again and still, if y'all had been electing a progressive movement since the '80s, none of those fucking nazis could ever have been elected to any position anywhere.

it usually takes two things to make an ever-worsening shithole:

1) evil motherfuckers

2) pussies who never ever do "merrick garland" to make anything better

3) period.

your refusal to take any of the blame whatsoever dooms the shithole to, sooner than later, devolve into a nazi reich.

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