John Amato Makes The Case For Keeping Gavin Newsom In Office

And He Makes Sense

I have very mixed opinions about the California recall. I'll probably leave the question about recalling Newsom blank, even though I want to vote for it. And then I'll vote for the YouTube guy, Kevin Paffrath, to keep fascist Larry Elder from becoming governor-- and being in position, if millions of peoples' dreams come true and DiFi drops dead, to name the next senator from California. But rather than write about this I've agreed to cross post a thoughtful piece by John Amato of Crooks and Liars, Don't Let Trump Republicans Recall California's Newsom. Amato, who was with me in 2009 when I met Newsom and decided I would never vote for him for anything-- like almost everyone I know-- is a "no" on the recall. Here's his reasoning:

Republicans can't win elections these days without gerrymandering or cheating, and when they lose they make false claims and promote phony fraud allegations. The results have been violent, as we've seen everything from anti-maskers attacking California teachers to a Trump-inspired seditious riot at the United States Capitol.

California is an incredible state, but does have its share of problems, including the homeless situation. That's not why these GOP ingrates are trying to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom, though.

Calmatters has a nice rundown on the positive work Gov. Newsom has done. We've seen, though, that MAGA cultists don't need a reason to commit immoral and illogical acts.

Allowing this recall to succeed would invigorate Traitor Trump mobs in every state to recall any Democratic leader they chose for no reason at all.

We are all well aware of the reasons Trump was impeached not once, but twice. Trump officials repeatedly refused to honor congressional subpoenas during all investigations by the House. They smeared and fired any federal government employee or military personal who didn't lavishly support the narcissistic baby in charge.

The Q cult is looking for a scalp, and Newsom fits the bill perfectly for them.

Does any Californian outside of the MAGA cult really want wingnut and Fox News persona Larry Elder to be governor, even for a day? It would be catastrophic.

How bankrupt is the Republican Party in California, you ask? They aren't even endorsing a candidate as governor, they just want any crazy Republican in charge to muck up the works.

A few people knocked on my door, wanting me to sign the recall petition. When I asked why they were recalling Newsom, they just laughed. They all know it's a ruse.

They claim Newsom's response to the pandemic-- shutting shut down the state with health and safety mandates-- is their main reason for the recall. It doesn't matter what their stated petty reasons are.

They claim Newsom's a hypocrite because he was photographed at a restaurant during the lockdown. It was a bad move on his part, but not an impeachable offense. That doesn't stop the GOP from using it to sway people against him.

Don't be fooled by these cretins of chaos.

Want to talk about voter fraud? Over 400,000 signatures were deemed invalid and thrown out.

If Republicans were to succeed then you'd be looking at the same surge of COVID infections in California that Texas and Florida are experiencing. Because of the "own the lib" mentalities of red state governors, they will oppose all types of mandates and CDC guidelines to protect citizens from the pandemic and its variants.

Every eligible voter will receive a mail-in ballot, but these MAGA thugs are hoping for a very low turnout both at the ballot box and with mail-ins.

Know this: if the recall creeps win by one vote, they will replace a duly elected Democratic governor.

The vote is on September 14th.

Don't be fooled.

Vote 'No' to recall Gavin Newsom, and leave the second question BLANK.