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It Isn't Possible For A Sane Gay Person To Identify As A Republican

The headline reads Gay Republican group chair resigns after blasting ‘crazy people’ GOP convention but if the key word is "crazy"... well, to be honest, I always thought that he Jews who voted for the German Nazi Party in the early 1930s were crazier than the Nazis themselves and that gay people who vote for Republicans are crazier than Republicans. Over the years, I've never met any Log Cabin Republican who wasn't a profoundly damaged and flawed human being. I don't know Michael Cargill, a gay gun store owner in Austin, who heads the Austin Long Cabin Republicans and was, until today, the chair of the Texas Long Cabin Republicans. But he sure sounds like a doozy!

Cargill told KXAN that "These are just crazy people," referring to the Republican Party convention which passed a fairly typical right-wing homophobic plank calling the gay lifestyle abnormal. "It’s a small minority of people that are being un-Christian-like and spewing this hateful language." He wishes it was a small minority; but if it was, he wouldn't have resigned as chairman. He blamed a "path of divisiveness, lack of respect" along with "bully tactics, lack of cohesion and unwillingness to work with all chapter and state LCR leaders in the organization."

Last night, he posted an explanation of the official Texas Log Cabin Facebook page. "With great concern," he wrote, "I leave the board following an increase in political gains and over a decade of work expanding the reach of LCR Texas, committed to advancing its mission of equality for all under the law and growing the Republican Party of Texas." If he were sane, he would know that "growing the Republican Party of Texas" and "advancing its mission of equality for all under the law" are antithetical notions. The Republican Party opposes equality for-- among others-- the LGBTQ community... and not just passively. But his (tunnel) vision is not about equality; it's about being "on target to get a booth at best 2022 and worst-case scenario 2024." A booth? At the Republican Party of Texas convention-- after having been just basically written out of the party.

He complains that "DC and California LCR members inexplicably interceding in Texas affairs and trying to pointlessly bully the Texas GOP." Bullying the homophobic Nazis? Oh dear! He continued that "If the Log Cabin Republicans continue down a path of divisiveness, lack of respect for the chain of command and due process, bully tactics, lack of cohesion, and unwillingness to work with all chapter and state LCR leaders in the organization, the state leadership will lose its diverse composition, and its ability to lead with credibility and a unified purpose." This level of psychosis is far worse than Stockholm Syndrome.

When Trump first ran, 13% of gays voted for him... pretty sick. Why would any gay person vote for him? But after 4 years of bigotry and chaos, the 2020 election saw that percentage more than double to 28%! Gays literally gave Trump his margin of victory in Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Arizona and Michigan. That's 101 electoral votes. Trump beat Hillary 304 to 227 electoral votes. Without gays voting for him, he would've lost... and homophobic Supreme Court justices Kavanaugh, Gorsuch and Coney Barrett wouldn't be on the verge of making LGBTQ people second class citizens (again).

Cargill is staying on as president of the Austin chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans but he wrote that "In addition to my resignation, David Garza, LCR Texas Secretary, Vice-President of LCR Austin, and Mimi Planas, board member and President of LCR San Antonio, are also resigning from the Texas board. Furthermore, neither the Austin nor San Antonio chapters will be sending representatives to the Texas Board. We will continue to maintain our positions in our local chapters while representing LCR in a positive light."

A little afterthought: One of the worst cancers on the American body politic right now is a German-born, South African-raised Nazi billionaire, openly gay sociopath Peter Thiel who is literally pouring tens of millions of dollars into the campaigns of sick and deranged homophobes across the country running for the Senate and House. The Log Cabin Republicans must be so proud!

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Jun 24, 2022

it is not possible for any sane homo sapiens to ID as republican/nazi.

among those who ID as nazi, the WORST as well as the most insane are the ones who are also in some category that nazis hate: jew, black (any nonwhite, actually), female, gay...

identically, it is impossible for any sane homo sapiens who is altruistic, liberal, progressive... to ID as a democrap. It is especially hypocritical to claim to have those qualities and run as a member of the democrap party ON PURPOSE!

If you ID as a craven coward, it is perfectly consistent to also ID as a democrap.

not that anyone is curious, but you might want to google the Milgram experiments.

evil begets evil.…

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