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Is It Too Early To Be Turning The Russian Slaughter In Ukraine Into Comedy?

Saturday Night Live did a good job with this but it's hard to laugh-- even just at the bad guys-- when civilians are being murdered in their homes. I would love to see a video of the producers debating whether or not to use the scene. I mean we're talking about war crimes and atrocities now. This morning the Washington Post reported that "U.S. officials have seen 'credible reports' of intentional Russian attacks on civilians, and are documenting actions that could constitute a war crime, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Sunday."

Zelensky said Russian forces are preparing to bomb Odessa, a major port city.
Britain’s Defense Ministry said that Russia is responding to the surprising “scale and strength” of Ukrainian resistance by targeting residential areas of several cities-- Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Mariupol-- in an apparent effort to “break Ukrainian morale.”
Russian forces struck a Ukrainian military air base, as well as a commercial airport, according to Russian and Ukrainian officials-- strikes that could hinder Ukrainian access to airstrips.
Russia warned Sunday that foreign countries hosting Ukrainian combat aircraft could be viewed by Moscow as parties to the conflict. The announcement came as Zelensky presses Western allies to send fighter planes to combat Moscow’s invasion.
Blinken said Sunday that the United States is discussing a ban on Russian oil with European partners, a potentially crucial step in the ongoing effort to hamper the Russian economy. Some U.S. lawmakers have expressed support for such a move.

Meanwhile, the Trumpist "People's Convoy" from California ("dozens of vehicles") is driving around the Beltway demanding an end to vaccine mandates. They're honking but there are police cars ahead of them and behind them and so far they're not doing anything like what the fascist drivers did in Ottawa. "That, however, was just for Sunday. The Washington Post reported organizers plan to repeat the action until their demands are addressed. And there are other convoy groups that have indicated they plan to demonstrate in or near DC, though it remains unclear exactly how many groups, people or vehicles will be participating.

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