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In Red States, The GOP War Against Women Comes Front & Center In Time for The Midterms

Are American Voters Going To Reaction To Republicans Trying To Take Away Our Rights?

"Attempted Abortion" by Nancy Ohanian

States with Republican legislatures and conservative governors aren't waiting for the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v Wade. Anti-Choice fanatics are passing bills all over the country to ban abortions. 13 states already have trigger laws-- Wyoming the latest to join the club-- that would ban abortions as soon as the illegitimate Supreme Court majority gives the thumbs up. The most extreme is Oklahoma's ban-- signed by Gov. Kevin Stitt yesterday-- on any procedure after a man cums inside a woman, which offers a $10,000 reward to any vigilante who turns in a woman for getting an abortion. The bill passed the state House exactly one week ago 73-16. I should note that there are 19 Democrats in teh state House.

The only Democratic governor to sign one of these bills was John Bel Edwards of Louisiana. Kentucky's Democratic governor, Andy Beshear, vetoed the one the state legislature passed and conservatives had enough votes to override the veto. States that have bans passed, signed and ready to go are Idaho, Missouri, Kentucky, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Wyoming and Florida.

Some of the most primitive states-- and none are more backward than Mississippi-- are already outlawing the use of pills that are used in abortions. Las Vegas-based GenBioPro Inc, which manufactures FDA-approved mifepristone, is suing Mississippi.

A just-released poll by Momentive shows that most Americans (65%) don't want to see the reactionary Supreme Court overturn the rulings that are jeopardized by Alito's flawed reasoning about why Rove Wade should be nullified. Just 31% want Roe overturned. 87% of Democrats and 41% of Republicans want to see Roe kept in place.

The other 3 big cases have even stronger support. Griswold v Connecticut established the right to contraception which is being challenged now by far right Republicans. 90% of Democrats, 80% of Republicans and 83% of Independents oppose overturning the decision. Support for letting the decision stand is highest among white women: 89% want to leave the decision as is compared with 76% of Black women, 73% of Hispanic women and 72% of Asian women.

78% of Americans want the Loving v. Virginia decision, which found that laws banning interracial marriage violated the 14th Amendment, to remain in place. 84% of Democrats and 77% of Republicans oppose the Supreme Court overturning that one. It would be interesting to see the corrupt and psychotic Clarence Thomas, who is the most reactionary justice and married to a white woman, rule on that one.

70% of Americans don’t want to see the Supreme Court overturn the Obergefell v. Hodges decision, which established a constitutional right to same-sex marriage. 85% of Democrats and 56% of Republicans want it to stand-- as do 86% of gay. (I guess the other 14% would be the definition of self-loathing.)

Also today, Marquette University Law School released the results of a new national poll showing that 40% of American voters rate abortion as one of the top determinants they will take into consideration when they decide for whom to vote in the midterms-- Democrats more so than Republicans or independents.

These progressive women are all campaigning to pass legislation that will keep Choice in place no matter what this Trumpified (and illegitimate) Supreme Court decides to do. It's worth contributing what you can to their campaigns.


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27 de mai. de 2022

will americans leave their thumbs up their asses as the nazis take away our rights? yes. or was that a rhetorical question.

nobody, not voters nor democraps, did "merrick garland" about the 4th amendment going poof with PATRIOT et al.

nobody did "merrick garland" when the court repudiated VRA.

nobody did "merrick garland" when the court decided that counting votes was not advised because it might serve to harm the media declared winner... any of the 3 times it so found.

nobody has done "merrick garland" about the myriad of voter suppression/nullification "laws" passed by nazis.

nobody did "merrick garland" about nixon, reagan, HW, W, cheney (et al), obamanation nor slick willie's perjury.

and nobody has done "merrick garland" about…

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