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In A Bid For Purity, House Republicans Seem To Think They Need To Shrink The Tent Even More

Meet proud Arizona fascist Andy Biggs (and one of his heroes)

Arizona neo-fascist and insurrectionist Andy Biggs (R-AZ) wandered into the Senate with Marjorie Traitor Greene and some of their maskless chums today. Biggs was immediately greeted with a great big hug from his longtime ally-- she endorsed his election-- Kyrsten Sinema. The two right-wingers chit-chatted for awhile about whatever right-wingers chit-chat about. Biggs, chair of the Nazi-oriented House Freedom Caucus Chair, had already finished a press conference during which he demanded that McCarthy expel Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger from the shrinking Republican Party tent: "It was antithetical to have sitting in your conference individuals who have professed they want to take out the Minority Leader and want to join Democrats in a witch hunt, to try to take members of the GOP out." Biggs is worried-- very worried-- because he and all of his best friends participated in the insurrection and the failed coup attempt on 1/6. Congressional Republicans are panic-stricken because so many of them are going to be exposed as the select committee does the job they were so desperate to prevent.

Clearly, the Republicans who urged the violent mob to attack and sack Congress should probably be expelled from the party before Cheney and Kinzinger.

"Biggs," reported NBC News "wants to create a new rule for the Republican conference that any member who accepts a committee assignment outside the normal procedure 'shall immediately cease to be a member of the conference.'" Sounds like what Biggs has in mind is little ex post facto action.

I don't know if the Republican House Conference would take that into account but "both federal and state governments are prohibited from enacting ex post facto laws, and the Court applies the same analysis whether the law in question is a federal or a state enactment. When these prohibitions were adopted as part of the original Constitution, many persons understood the term ex post facto laws to 'embrace all retrospective laws, or laws governing or controlling past transactions, whether... of a civil or a criminal nature.'"

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