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How Bad Is The Conservative Dem Who Republicans Support Against Erica Smith? Meet Don Davis

Worse Than Manchin, Worse Than Sinema, Worse Than Cuellar

I can guarantee you, there are no far right extremists contributing to Erica Smith. This FEC page, on the other hand, shows former neo-fascist North Carolina congressman and then Trump chief-of-staff Mark Meadows contributing $1,000 from his official congressional campaign committee to Don Davis, a putative Democratic state legislator. Davis is challenging Erica Smith for the open congressional seat in largely rural northeast North Carolina (nowhere near Meadows' old district). Why would a right-wing partisan like Meadows support Davis? You can probably guess.

But Real Facts NC makes it unnecessary to guess: "Since his election to the NC Senate in 2008, Davis has often been the lone Democrat to vote with Senate Republicans on several controversial issues," like, for example his horrendous vote against a raise for teachers. Nor are teachers the only Democratic constituency Davis has stabbed in the back.

Davis is vehemently anti-Choice, as bad as any rotgut Republican-- like Mark Meadows. NC Policy Watch noted that "Davis decided that he knew better than women and doctors" when he voted for the worst anti-Choice bill in North Carolina history and then voted with the Republicans to override Governor Roy Cooper's veto. He was the only Democrat to do so-- and now this walking, stinking garbage can wants to sneak into Congress to prove that there are even worse Democraps than Sinema and Manchin. And, yes, the override would have failed if not for Davis.

Please help Erica Smith beat the most anti-Choice Democrat in the state for this seat. And, needless to say, it isn't just women's health Davis is gunning for; it's everyone;'s health! It shouldn't surprise you that while Erica is aggressively campaigning for single payer/Medicare-for-All, Davis is trying to hide from NC-02 voters to know why he voted against expanding Medicaid, like almost all the states did. He didn't only vote against it; in 2019 he was the only state Senate Democrat who refused to co-sponsor the bill that was meant to close the Medicaid gap, SB-4.

On economic matters his default position was to vote for Republican anti-working class budget priorities. "Pitt County’s state senator was the only Senate Democrat to vote for the revised 2018-19 state budget on Thursday. Don Davis’ vote came about two hours after the North Carolina Republican Party released a statement saying he would be at the top of the party’s 'target list' in this November’s legislative elections. The statement released by NCGOP said voting against the plan, an adjustment to the second year of the biennium budget adopted last year, 'would be voting against protecting school children, pay raises for state workers and living wage pay increases for state employees. His voters are watching closely and so is the NCGOP,' the release said." Davis is not just a conservative; he's also a spineless political coward. In fact, he was one of just three conservative Senate Democrats who voted for a bill that would have legalized concealed carry on school campuses used for church services. The governor vetoed the bill. Worse than Sinema? Worse than Manchin? Worse than both combined.

I also noticed that he misses votes whenever they look too tough for a coward to vote. He missed 55 votes in the current session! That included:

  • HB 334: Reduces State Corporate Income Tax (majority of the caucus voted no)

  • HB 324: Ensuring Dignity & Nondiscrimination Schools (This bill was an attempt to determine what teachers could say, do, and teach regarding race. Gov. Cooper vetoed-- no Dems voted in favor)

  • HB 453: Prohibits Abortion Based on Race, Sex, or Suspected Disability (1 of only 2 Dems who didn't vote against & the other was actually sick-- Gov. Cooper vetoed)

  • SB 405: Establishes Protection for "infants born alive" (Only Democrat to not vote against)

  • SB 101: Requires Local Sheriffs to Cooperate with ICE (1 of only 2 Dem who didn't vote against and the other was actually sick)

I have a feeling you already guessed that he's as corrupt as any garden variety conservative. He has taken legalistic bribery from Big Energy (namely Dominion and Duke Energy), from Big PhRMA (Pfizer, Merck and Monsanto) and Big Finance. Erica Smith has signed the No Corporate PAC money pledge. Davis has refused to.

Erica is trying to debate the issues that matter most in the lives of the people who reside in northeast North Carolina while Davis is doing everything he can to hide his excruciating record from Democratic primary voters. Believe me, if Don Davis ever gets into Congress, he will be the single worst Democrat in the House-- until he switches parties the way Jefferson Van Drew did. And the DCCC? Crickets; not a single word of warning about this sheep in wolf's clothing. Please use the Blue America 2022 congressional thermometer on the left to contribute to Erica's campaign. Let's not watch the worst of the worst steal a crucial House seat. [Proposal: If you win anything betting on the Super Bowl today, donate 10% of it to Erica's campaign here.]

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Feb 13, 2022

The DCCC is doing another "graysoning" of a less worser candidate. They're going to let the nazis do the funding on this one. the corollary to Napoleon's wisdom would be: never prevent your opponent from defeating himself if he wants to. clearly the DCCC would prefer a nazi in that seat to your BA candidate.

remember that this pos actually got elected. so... you can't underestimate those voters if you try. it's fucking NC after all.

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