DCCC-- Weaker And Less Confident Than Ever... Progressives Will Need To Win Without Them

An enfeebled, pathetic DCCC with no self-confidence and zero esprit de corps, named 21 Republican-held House seats they claim to be targeting for the midterms. Let's start with the list:

AZ-06- David Schweikert beat Hiral Tiperneni 52.2% to 47.8%... R+9

CA-21- David Valadao beat incumbent TJ Cox 50.4% to 49.6%... D+5

CA-25- Michael Garcia beat Christy Smith by 333 votes (50/50 race)... even PVI

CA-39- Young Kim beat incumbent Gil Cisneros 50.6% to 49.4%... even PVI

CA-48- Michelle Steel beat incumbent Harley Rouda 51.1% to 48.9%... R+4

FL-26- Carlos Gimenez beat incumbent Debbie Mucarsel-Powell 51.7% to 48.3%... D+6

FL-27- Maria Salazar beat incumbent Donna Shalala 51.4% to 48.8%... D+5

IA-01- Ashley Hinson beat incumbent Abby Finkenauer 51.3% to 48.7%... D+1

IA-02- Mariannette Miller-Meeks beat Rita Hart by 6 votes (50/50 race)... D+1

IN-05- Victoria Spartz beat Christina Hale 50.0% to 45.9%... R+9

MO-02- Ann Wagner beat Jill Schupp 51.9% to 45.5%... R+8

NE-02- Don Bacon beat Kara Eastman 50.8% to 46.2%... R+4

NY-02- Andrew Garbarino beat Jackie Gordon 52.9% to 46.0%... R+3

NY-22- Claudia Tenney beat incumbent Anthony Brindisi by 109 votes (50/50 race)... R+6

NY-24- John Katko beat Dana Balter 53.1% to 43.0%... D+3

OH-01- Steve Chabot beat Kate Schroder 51.8% to 44.6%... R+5

PA-01- Brian Fitzpatrick beat Christina Finello 56.6% to 43.4%... R+1

PA-10- Scott Perry beat Eugene DePasquale 53.3% to 46.7%... R+6

TX-23- Tony Gonzalez beat Gina Ortiz Jones 50.6% to 46.6%... R+1

TX-24- Beth Van Duyne beat Candace Valenzuela 48.8% to 47.5%... R+9

UT-04- Burgess Owens beat incumbent Ben McAdams 47.7% to 46.7%... R+13

Democrats whose names are italicized were especially terrible candidates, basically from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party. If a candidates name was not italicized it doesn't indicate that they were "good," just that they weren't really, really bad. The bolded districts indicate that it is under either an extreme or high threat of partisan gerrymandering from a predatory Republican-controlled legislature/governor combo.

The list of districts is extremely backward-looking and in no way aggressive. It signals that the DCCC is operating defensively and doesn't believe that their candidates can pick up any seats other than super easy ones-- albeit super easy seats that the DCCC keeps losing. The lame new chairman, Wall street whore and New Dem Sean Patrick Maloney, said "Every single Republican on this list voted against putting checks in pockets and shots in arms, and we’re going to make sure voters in their district know it." He added that the DCCC is

1- "recruiting compelling candidates," which is absurd since they never do, never... not ever.

2- "empowering their campaigns with the resources they need," another dishonest boast which the candidates will be whining about the day after the 2022 election

The Democrats hope to hold onto their majority by touting the very big and very popular accomplishments Biden pushed through that Trump was unable to and that the Republicans have tried to obstruct-- the COVID Relief package and the infrastructure/jobs package. It should help them. Data For Progress released a poll this morning showing that among likely voters, 73% support and just 21% oppose the infrastructure/jobs bill. Even if congressional Republicans are walking over a cliff in lock-step, support for it is bipartisan among voters. Even 57% of Republicans support the plan, while 38% are against it.

And all the major policies within the bill are extremely popular-- from physical infrastructure (with support at 76%) to housing (with support at 61%).