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Bernie Endorsed Nina Turner-- Maybe You Should Too?

Anyone Who Was Tricked Into Contributing To Kyrsten Sinema Should Make Up For It By Contributing To Nina Now

Not any blue will do

Reporting for the Arizona Republic yesterday, Tara Kavaler wrote that her state's mentally deranged and completely self-obsessed, corrupt right-of-center senator, Kyrsten Sinema "vowed Tuesday to conduct herself in the same manner as she did during the Build Back Better negotiations of 2021 should Democrats try to revive the centerpiece of President Joe Biden's legislative agenda. 'What I can't tell you is if negotiations will start again or what they'll look like,' said at an Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry luncheon at the Arizona Biltmore resort in Phoenix. 'But what I can promise you is that I'll be the same person in negotiations if they start again that I was in negotiations last year.' Sinema told the business group that she remains opposed to raising taxes on corporations: 'You all know, the entire country knows, that I'm opposed to raising the corporate minimum tax rate.' She also reiterated her opposition against 'any tax policies that would put a brake on any type of economic growth or forestall business and personal growth for America's industries.'"

Sinema was the worst Democratic member of the House-- the actual reason Chuck Schumer handpicked her for the Democratic Senate nomination-- and now she is determined to go down as the worst Democratic member of the Senate, where she gets stiff competition from Joe Manchin.

Kyrsten Sinema was still a state Senator, beginning a race for Congress when she called me to ask for an endorsement. I knew her personally so she assumed I would say yes and contribute to her campaign. Instead I told her there is a process and that I would have to ask her some questions and take the responses. She said she would call me some other time and slammed down the phone. I never heard back from her and the next time I saw her we were both early for dinner dates at the same restaurant. Awkward... no one else was in the restaurant. She was drinking at the bar and I went straight tom table. She got up and ran out of the restaurant.

Blue America has a convoluted endorsement process meant to give san idea about what a candidate will be like when she is a member of Congress. There's no silly questionnaire to fill out. It's not an easy process. This year, these are the candidates we've endorsed for the House. But there's a much tougher process to get an endorsement by DWT-- much tougher. This cycle we have just one candidate endorsed... and early voting has begun in her primary. The election is in less than 3 weeks. Yesterday, Bernie endorsed her as well. "I know Nina and I know her heart." BINGO! He knows she isn't some careerist who would ever turn into some kind Kirsten Sinema freak. He called her a "real leader who fights for higher wages, Medicare for All, and affordable prescription drugs... With Nina, we know that she will not be afraid to take on the corporate interests that are driving up the price of gas, food, and just about everything else."

Turner is taking on Shontel Brown, who immediately joined the New Dems, a natural home for corrupt corporate Democrats. Once Nina announced that she would primary Brown again, the incumbent asked to join the Progressive Caucus, which is not picky about who they admit. (Tragically, there are over a dozen corrupt New Dems who are part of the Progressive Caucus today. Like Brown, they use it as an insurance policy against challenges from actual progressives.)

Turner, a former Ohio state senator, has argued that the circumstances are different this time around, noting that the 2021 contest was an off-year special election—a likely contributor to lower voter turnout.
Turner has also pointed to the torrent of corporate money that poured into last year's race in an attempt to undermine her campaign and bolster her opponent, who was backed by such establishment figures as House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC) and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
"There was an anybody-but-Nina campaign ran in 2021," Turner told NBC News earlier this year. "Some of those forces may still decide to get into this race, but what they will not be able to do is totally concentrate [on the Ohio 11th District] because this will not be the only race."
Welcoming Sanders' endorsement, Turner wrote in a series of tweets late Tuesday that the Vermont senator has "sparked a movement in this country that is stronger than ever."
"This movement continues to fight against the special interests who are blocking the president's agenda and holding back progress for the poor, the working poor, and the barely middle class," Turner continued. "In order for this administration and our party to succeed, we need the everyday people of this country to succeed. And that requires a leader who won't hesitate because they take corporate money but instead a change-maker and a fighter."
"I'm running for Congress to be part of a bigger fight," she added. "A fight against the powerful interests holding up important legislation like a $15 minimum wage, permanent expansion of the Child Tax Credit, Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, the PRO Act, expanded Social Security, and paid family leave."

This 2022 DownWithTyranny thermometer will allow you to contribute directly to Nina's GOTV field operations for the crucial last 20 days of the primary (just click on it). And I'll personally match the first five contributions of $100 in the next 24 hours. Go ahead and make me spend $500 of my own money. I would love it. Because I would love to see a real fighter like Nina Turner in Congress. Lord knows there aren't enough of them-- and the DCCC sure isn't looking for more.


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