Will Congress' 3 Gs Face Expulsion-- Gosar, Gaetz, Greene? Fascism Never Sleeps

Looks like Facebook is allowing Señor Trumpanzee to advertise his poison on its platform again, although under the "Team Trump" monicker. What happened to the two year ban? "The official Team Trump page," reported FWIW, "is now owned by the former President’s political action committee, Save America. Save America is an entity directly controlled by Donald Trump, and Team Trump has not posted on Facebook since March 17th. These ads are in clear violation of Facebook’s policy blocking Donald Trump’s use of their platform. This is only the latest example of Facebook failing to implement their own policies related to political advertising and misinformation on their site."

On CNN Sunday Massachusetts Congressman Seth Moulton finally said out loud what so many members of Congress believe, that Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) and Paul Gosar (R-AZ) are traitors. The 3 are promoting another QAnon/Tucker Carlson lie, this one claiming that the failed Trump coup was an FBI false flag operation. "They're trying to whitewash history,"Moulton told Jim Acosta. "They are domestic terrorists, the people who attacked us in the Capitol, who attacked the seat of government with the intention of undermining the election and will of the American people... [Members] aiding and abetting terrorists by your actions in the Capitol don't deserve to be a member of Congress. The oath we take is to protect and defend the Constitution of the U.S. It's the same oath that I took as a U.S. Marine. It's time for these Republicans to take that oath seriously. The Republicans who are violating their oath by supporting this domestic terrorism by whitewashing history, and now by making light of it. They need to go. These Republicans are just bad for democracy."

Gaetz, who's under investigation by the FBI for sex trafficking and other offenses, has been spending most of his time-- when he isn't looking for a new job-- trying to undermine the law enforcement organization and tweeted that FBI operatives "organized and participated in the January 6 Capitol riot." Greene then retweeted him, demanding "names and answers about the FBI operatives" and suggested that the "deep state" was involved.