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Why Would The DSCC Hide An Ad As Powerful And Effective As This One?

The DSCC ad above is "unlisted," which means you can't find it by searching YouTube. It makes some very simple points: reactionary Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson voted against COVID-19 relief; voted against $1,400 direct relief checks for his own constituents; voted against increasing access to vaccinations; voted against local funding to safely reopen schools; voted against aid for small businesses and restaurants... The ad also points out that 70% of Americans support Biden's plan to deliver COVID-19 relief.

They're running the same ad against Marco Rubio who, like Johnson, is up for reelection in 2022. and, like the Johnson ad, the one targeting Rubio is hidden and unsearchable on YouTube.

Could it be because the same ads beating up Johnson and Rubio could be used against Blue Dog Democrats Jared Golden of Maine and Kurt Schrader of Oregon, who also voted against the bill in the House, the only two Democrats to have done so.

Schrader, who says he will now vote for the Senate version of the bill was really most opposed to it because it included a $15 minimum wage that he is as vehemently opposed to as any working class-hating conservative. And Golden? He gives the same lame excuses for voting against the bill that Republicans like Johnson and Rubio give.

Should Johnson and Rubio be defeated in 2022? Absolutely-- 100%. What about Golden and Schrader-- just as absolutely and also 100%. We're hoping Milwaukie Mayor Mark Gamba primaries Schrader again. In 2020, Golden, a former Susan Collins staffer and pretend-Democrat, had no primary opponent. We sure hope that changes this cycle.

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10 mar 2021

"They're running the same ad against Marco Rubio who, like Johnson, is up for reelection in 2020."

Ok. The second law of thermodynamics disallows backward time travel. So... ?

Also, nazi voters vote AGAINST democraps no matter what their guy did/does/refuses to do.

And whomever on the left bothers to vote, they are voting AGAINST the nazi. The worse the nazi, the more of the idiot lefties will show up.

The ones who care about what their guy did/does/refuses to do will have already foresworn voting for democraps.

So that ad (against johnson and rubio) will only serve to maybe increase lefty turnout a quarter point. at most. Sadly, it may also serve to increase nazi turnout a half point.

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