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Why Isn't California Leading In Progressive Solutions-- Corrupt Conservative Dems In The Legislature

Here Are Their Names

YIMBY stands for “Yes In My Back Yard.” It’s a clever twist on NIMBY or “Not In My Back Yard.” NIMBYs have a controversial reputation for fighting new development in their communities. YIMBYs try to capitalize on that by using a moniker that sounds inclusive and appealing. Don’t be fooled. 

This year’s Courage Campaign ratings of all the California legislators just came out. It’s important to mention that these state legislators often become candidates for other offices. Two good examples were Mod Squad leaders Rudy Salas and Adam Gray, each whom had an abysmal enough record in the Assembly to have lost solid blue districts last cycle. With the encouragement of Hakeem Jeffries and the DCCC, these two losers are running again this cycle— and will probably both lose again. Here’s Salas’ record:

The two them define Kyrsten Sinema/Joe Manchin grade conservative corruption, but the Democratic Party never seems to learn the dangers of recruiting and supporting shit bags like Salas and Gray. Here’s Gray’s record:

This last cycle, there were an even dozen Democratic members of the Assembly and 8 Democratic members of the state Senate with “F” scores. Obviously, every Republican in the legislature had an “F” grade. The number next to the names of the failed legislators are their vote scores. Watch out for them when they try to make their moves for higher office. This are the Assemblymembers:

  • Joaquin Arambula- 45

  • Sabrina Cervantes- 55

  • Tim Grayson- 55

  • Jacqui Irwin- 25

  • Brian Maienschein- 40

  • Al Muratsuchi- 55

  • Cottie Petrie-Norris- 20

  • Sharon Quirk-Silva- 45

  • James Ramos- 20

  • Freddie Rodriguez- 25

  • Blanca Rubio- 45

  • Carlos Villapudua- 25


  • Anna Caballero- 42

  • Bill Dodd- 42

  • Steve Glazer- 32

  • Melissa Hurtado- 16

  • Josh Newman- 53

  • Richard Roth- 37

  • Susan Rubio- 42

  • Tom Umberg- 53

So far, two state senators are running for Congress— Anthony Portantino in the crowded race to replace Adam Schiff and Dave Min to replace Katie Porter in Orange County. Each of them defines mediocrity. Portantino was rated a “C” (74 vote score) and Min was rated a “D” (68 vote score). And both are corrupt Portantino takes bribes from Real Estate interests ($128,800), Cops ($91,450), Oil & Gas ($77,450), and Health Insurance ($58,600). Min also takes bribes, though not on the same massive scales as Portantino.

Another awful state Senator, Bob Archuleta is making noises about running a primary campaign against progressive congressional incumbent Grace Napolitano. Archuleta’s overall rating is “D” and his vote score is 63. Not as corrupt as Portantino— few are— he still takes plenty of special interest money, including $58,650 from Oil & Gas.

5 current members, all but one from the Bay Area outer suburbs, made Courage’s Hall of Shame this year— Bill Dodd, Steve Glazer, Tim Grayson, Susan Rubio and Carlos Villapudua— although none had a score as corrupt and far to the right as Rudy Salas’ shamefully breathtaking 8.


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Apr 30, 2023

CA SHOULD be a case study. Maybe someday an educated person (not an american; we don't educate our own since the '60s) will do such a study.

Q: How, in a state dominated by non-nazi voters, do so goddamn many hapless worthless feckless CORRUPT NEOLIBERAL FASCIST pussy do-nothings get elected?

Hypothesis 1: the only non-nazi party that is allowed by the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle decides who will be their servants... not the voters. (follow-up question: how the fuck can this possibly be?)

H 2) and circling back to the follow-up ?... just how much dumber than shit are voters?

H 3) am open to another hypotheses.

test. repeat.

ahhh, but that's the scientific method, isn't it? Americans don't "do" anythin…

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