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Who's Lying About #OrgyGate? McCarthy? Cawthorn? Gaetz? All Of Them?

Why Is Lindsey Graham So Quiet For The First Time Ever?

Just kidding; it was Patrick McHenry, not Lindsey Graham angling to get into Cawthorn's pants

After this, this and this, there isn't much more to say about Madison Cawthorn's #OrgyGate... except that it is now Kevin McCarthy's #OrgyGate. McCarthy's inept bungling is actually turning the super-unsymapthetc wormy little Nazi into a victim. The latest Cawthorn reelection ad doesn't directly mention #OrgyGate, just that the "left wing establishment" has made him its "number one target." The real purpose of the ad though is a typical Cawthorn pity party playing up the fact that his legs are crippled, something many people see as his only "qualification" for office.

So the House Republicans who don't go to orgies and who don't snort coke, have been screaming bloody murder that Cawthorn implicated all of them-- instead of just Matt Gaetz and Patrick McHenry. Thinking he had to show his (nonexistent) leadership skills, Kevin McCarthy promised to give Cawthorn a stern talking to, which he took a step further by then making up a story that Cawthorn admitted he lied and that he retracted his charges. But Cawthorn made no such admission and no such retraction and now McCarthy is looking as messed up as Cawthorn. And with a sociopathic and likely coke-addled Roger Stone in the driver's seat. And now they're dragging poor Jack Kemp (RIP) into this!

Stone was Alex Jones' guest on InfoWars and told the crazed audience that "I spent 41 years in the corroded rectum of the two-party system and I saw this up close. Anybody out there who thinks that the ruling elite in DC, or Malibu, or Manhattan, or Hollywood do not engage in drug-fueled orgies is out of their mind. And all of those in the media and in the Congress who are now attacking Madison Cawthorn, stop and ask yourself: why are they doing that? Who are they covering for? Or is it themselves? I can tell you firsthand that these parties happen. I can tell you that they continue to happen. I can tell you that Madison Cawthorn told me yesterday that he had not retracted what he said, even though Kevin McCarthy seems to have popped up and is now speaking for the member of Congress, saying that 'Oh he admitted that he made...' No, I don't think he's admitted anything of the kind. I don;'t think he's admitted embellishing or retracted anything he said. Alex, he spoke the truth."

This morning, the biggest newspaper in Cawthorn's district reported that, according to Stone, Cawthorn denied recanting, "creating competing GOP narratives." It doesn't look like that whole "winning back my trust" thing between McCarthy and Cawthorn is off to a great start, does it?

Party officials in Cawthorn's Western North Carolina 11th District have also declined to help members of the split GOP decide whom to believe about the bizarre and potentially damning claim.
"It is not the role of local GOP Party leaders to weigh in, to tell anyone who or what to believe," Roxan Wetzel, interim vice chair of the party's 11th District organization, said in an email.
Wetzel did not answer a follow-up question as to what she thought of the claim. Other party leaders did not respond to messages, including District 11 interim chair David Eachus, Buncombe Chair Glenda Weinert, Henderson Chair Sharon Brooks and former Henderson County Board of Commissioners Chair Tommy Thompson, who backed Cawthorn in his 2020 election.
...But Republican leaders said Cawthorn's most recent statement was part of a pattern of problematic behavior. It included falsely claiming his bid for the Naval Academy was derailed when a 2013 car accident put him in a wheelchair — though his application had already been rejected — attempting to bring a gun on an airplane and knives into school board meetings, calling Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy a "thug" in the midst of the Russian invasion and being pulled over several times for speeding and and twice for driving without a license.
On March 31 Sen. Thom Tillis announced he would not support Cawthorn's reelection, instead backing Chuck Edwards, a state senator who criticized Cawthorn for "inflaming" Americans against each other in a Jan. 6 speech prior to the attack on the Capitol.
“Chuck Edwards has demonstrated he serves with honor and integrity, and he always makes conservatives proud. He’ll never embarrass Western North Carolina with a consistent pattern of juvenile behavior, outlandish statements and untruthfulness," Tillis said in the release announcing his decision.
The state's other senator, Richard Burr, said he would not get involved in the primary but said of Cawthorn, "On any given day, he's an embarrassment," according to CNN.
The two House members with districts closest to Cawthorn, Patrick McHenry and Virginia Foxx, both Republicans, did not respond to requests for comment.

McHenry, a notorious closet case, is the most likely Republican to have propositioned Cawthorn. The Citizen Times report continued that "Trump-aligned operative Roger Stone in a March 30 post on the Gab social media platform said Cawthorn told him he had not retracted his story. He repeated the claim the next day on the far-right podcast Infowars. Jones and Stone have remained leading voices of the Trump wing of the GOP despite outrageous rhetoric and scandals. Jones was held in contempt this week for not showing in a lawsuit over his statements that the slaying of 20 Connecticut elementary school students was a hoax. Stone was convicted of seven felonies involving the Mueller investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 election. He was pardoned by Trump.

Stone has served often as a proxy for Trump, who continues to wield some of the greatest influence in the party and is often at odds with more traditional conservatives."

Trump has invited Cawthorn to perform at his bund rally for Ted Budd a week from tomorrow in rural Johnston County, North Carolina, nowhere near Cawthorn's congressional district. Cawthorn didn't endorse Budd, opting instead for another extreme right loon in the race, Mark Walker. Johnston County, by the way, gave Trump a 61.4 to 37.0% win over Biden.


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