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The Cawthorn Republican Sex & Drugs Scandal Coverup

Cawthorn Left His Dressing Down By McCarthy & Immediately Voted Against A Bill To Stop Sexual Predators

McCarthy and Scalise and their comms consultants cooked up a laughably lame cock'n'bull cover-up for Madison Cawthorn's cocaine and orgies scandal. And then they forced poor Madison to swallow it. Alayna Treene broke the transparently preposterous story (with a straight face). Forget about ever hearing Cawthorn admit that little Patrick McHenry and other GOP closet queens keep propositioning him let alone give the details.

The incredibly lame McCarthy called Cawthorn into the principal's office for a scolding-- with Scalise in attendance-- just in case it go too rough for McCarthy to handle alone. McCarthy claims he threatened Cawthorn: "I just told him he's lost my trust, he's gonna have to earn it back, and I laid out everything I find is unbecoming. And, you can't just say 'You can't do this again.' I mean, he's, he's got a lot of members very upset."

So he forced Madison to pretend he made up the whole orgy thing and exaggerated about the rampant coke use in the GOP cloakroom. Cawthorn wasn't forced to repeat teh lie he agreed to himself so McCarthy went out to a gaggle of reporters and told them "In the interview, he claims he watched people do cocaine. Then when he comes in he tells me, he says he thinks he saw maybe a staffer in a parking garage from 100 yards away." Hard to believe the reporters didn't just all laugh in his face. Was he sure it was 100 yards away and not 50. How does he know it was a staffer and not Scalise (or notorious coke-fiend Matt Gaetz)? Does the "staffer" have a name? Has he been sent to rehab?

McCarthy whined "It's just frustrating. There's no evidence behind his statements. And when I sit down with him ... I told him you can't make statements like that, as a member of Congress, that affects everybody else and the country as a whole." Yes the country is dying to know what kind of sounds Patrick McHenry makes when he climaxes. Straight-edged Don Bacon (R-NE), an old-skool square told Andrew Solender, and speaking for all old-skool squares that "Madison’s stuff irritates me because it’s not true. He’ll have to either name names or retract it." The less than menacing McCarthy added that Cawthorn's "got to turn himself around." I wonder if he told Cawthorn to stop wearing his baseball caps backwards too.

Freedom Caucus chair-- and insurrectionist-- Scott Perry was threatening to kick Cawthorn out of the fringe right caucus if he does give him the names of the orgy-ists and coke snorters. For now Cawthorn is laying low and not talking with anyone, although he did participate in the roll cale votes yesterday. The first was Pete DeFazio's Stop Sexual Assault and Harassment in Transportation Act, which is meant to prevent sexual assault and harassment on trains, planes, buses and especially in Uber and Lyft vehicles. It passed 339-85. All 85 of the opponents are right-wing extremists and-- no doubt-- some of the orgy-ists, although little Patrick McHenry, who once promised to be the most extreme right member of Congress, carefully voted with McCarthy for the bill. Cawthorn defiantly voted NO... along with his whole crew of misfits, from the blow-job queen of northwest Georgia, Marjorie Traitor Greene, Boebert, Gym Jordan (of course), Matt Gaetz (obviously), Tennessee rapist Scott DesJarlais, Jody Hice, Paul Gosar, Texas rapist Ronny Jackson, Mo Brooks and Mike Pence's brother to Scott Perry, who's still hoping Cawthorn will take him to the next orgy.

A little later, the House passed the FEMA Caseworker Accountability Act 409-17. Want to guess who the 17 crackpot holdouts were? You don't have to; it's the nuttiest of the nuts. One (Democratic) member told me he thought Cawthorn's crazy votes today were a way to tell McCarthy and Scalise to fuck off and that he's not their puppet.

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