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What Happened Last Night— From A Kevin McCarthy Perspective

Tons Of House Seats Still Too Close To Call

There are plenty of more votes to be counted, especially on the Left Coast but there was no Red Wave yesterday. What I want to do here is examine just one simple factor— where Kevin McCarthy’s SuperPAC (the Congressional Leadership Fund)— spent its quarter billion dollars in mostly corporate and billionaire funding... and where those races stand this morning. I just looked at the races where McCarthy spent over a million dollars.

  • NV-03- $10,963,771 (Democrat Susie Lee is leading)-- tossup

  • NV-01- $8,632,074 (Democrat Dina Titus is leading)-- leaning D

  • PA-07- $8,012,879 (Democrat Susan Wild is leading)-- leaning D

  • NY-17- $7,541,207 (Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney is cooked)-- leaning R

  • IN-01- $7,371,840 (Democrat Frank Mrvan has been reelected)

  • CA-13- $7,052,461 (dead heat)-- tossup

  • OR-05- $6,864,229 (Republican Lori Chavez-DeRemer is leading)-- leaning R

  • CA-47- $6,833,165 (Democrat Katie Porter is leading)-- leaning D

  • CA-22- $6,677,334 (Republican David Valadao is leading)-- leaning R

  • WA-08- $6,199,299 (Democrat Kim Schrier is leading)-- leaning D

  • MN-02- $6,118,390 (Democrat Angie Craig has been reelected)

  • CA-49- $6,015,904 (Democrat Mike Levin is leading)-- leaning D

  • IL-17- $6,009,623 (Democrat Eric Sorensen is leading)-- leaning D

  • TX-34- $5,885,807 (Democrat Vicente Gonzalez was reelected)

  • MI-07- $5,759,228 (Democrat Elissa Slotkin was reelected)

  • CO-08- $5,722,589 (Democrat Yadira Cavaveo is leading)-- tossup

  • VA-02- $5,572,080 (Republican Jen Kiggans defeated Elaine Luria)

  • ME-02- $5,508,867 (Democrat Jared Golden is leading)-- leaning D

  • NY-19- $5,235,867 (Republican Marc Molinaro is leading)-- leaning R

  • PA-17- $5,177,105 (Democrat Chris Deluzio is leading)-- leaning D

  • NH-02- $5,130,941 (Democrat Chris Pappas was reelected)

  • TX-28- $4,974,436 (Democrat Henry Cuellar was reelected)

  • NY-18- $4,679,938 (Democrat Pat Ryan is leading)--leaning D

  • OH-13- $4,534,43 (Democrat Emilia Sykes beat Trumpist nut Madison Gesiotto Gilbert)

  • NJ-07- $4,509,409 (Republican Tom Kean is leading)-- leaning R

  • CT-05- $4,433,958 (Democrat Jahana Hayes is leading)-- leaning D

  • NY-22- $4,235,486 (Republican Brandon Williams is leading)-- leaning R

  • VA-07- $4,128,871 (Democrat Abigail Spanberger was reelected)

  • RI-02- $3,756,153 (Democrat Seth Magaziner won)

  • AZ-06- $3,673,657 (Democrat Kirsten Engel is leading)-- tossup

  • CA-45- $3,286,771 (Republican Michelle Steel is leading)-- leaning R

  • NC-13- $2,900,520 (Democrat Wiley Nickel beat MAGA crackpot Bo Hines)

  • NE-02- $2,852,021 (Republican Don Bacon was reelected)

  • KS-03- $2,733,223 (Democrat Sharice Davids was reelected)

  • MI-03- $2,727,855 (Democrat Hillary Scholten beat MAGA loon John Gibbs)

  • CA-27- $2,574,472 (Republican Mike Garcia is leading)-- leaning R

  • NM-02- $2,571,187 (Democrat Gabe Vasquez is leading)-- tossup

  • PA-08- $2,447,574 (Democrat Matt Cartwright is leading)-- leaning D

  • OH-01- $2,348,886 (Democrat Greg Landsman ousted Steve Chabot)

  • IL-06- $1,913,350 (Democrat Sean Casten was reelected)

  • IA-02- $1,695,319 (Republican Ashley Hinson was reelected)

  • IA-03- $1,691,370 (Republican Zach Nunn is beating Cindy Axne)-- leaning R

  • NY-04- $1,531,549 (Republican Anthony D’Esposito is leading)-- leaning R

  • FL-27- $1,475,546 (Republican Maria Elvira Salazar was reelected)

  • IA-01- $1,441,312 (Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks was reelected)

  • MI-10- $1,428,319 (Republican John James is leading)-- leaning R

  • MI-08- $1,198,381 (Democrat Dan Kildee is going to be reelected)-- leaning D

  • CA-40- $1,139,429 (Republican Young Kim is going to be reelected)-- leaning R

McCarthy's biggest bets haven't paid off and probably won't. He spent over $5 million dollars in each of 21 districts. Of those seats, 5 Democrats have already been declared winners, one Republican was declared a winner (in a very gerrymandered district), 8 are leaning towards the Democrat, 4 are leaning towards the Republican and 3 are still real tossups. A quarter billion dollars not well spent. And I'm not the only one who's noticed.

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