What Did Iowans Do To Deserve Kim Reynolds As Governor During A Pandemic... Aside From Electing Her?

The next time Nebraska reports COVID-statistics-- and that is the least dependable state for regular reporting-- they were have joined a very exclusive club: states with over 100,000 cases per million inhabitants. Three quasi-countries-- Andorra, Gibraltar and Montenegro-- are in that club too put just in way of comparison, here are a dozen random countries you know something about with the number of cases per million:

  • USA- 82,820 cases per million inhabitants

  • Israel- 74,539 cases per million inhabitants

  • Spain- 63,549 cases per million inhabitants

  • UK- 57,707 cases per million inhabitants

  • France- 50,755 cases per million inhabitants

  • Italy- 43,456 cases per million inhabitants

  • Ireland- 40,748 cases per million inhabitants

  • Germany- 27,220 cases per million inhabitants

  • Russia- 27,068 cases per million inhabitants

  • South Africa- 24,662 cases per million inhabitants

  • Canada- 21,095 cases per million inhabitants

  • Japan- 3,179 cases per million inhabitants

Point-- 100,000 is catastrophic and, like I said, once Nebraska reports in today or tomorrow or the next day, they will be in that category too. Here are the U.S. top 10-- also the world top 10:

  1. North Dakota- 128,738 cases per million inhabitants

  2. South Dakota- 123,361 cases per million inhabitants

  3. Rhode Island-111,285 cases per million inhabitants

  4. Utah- 110,326 cases per million inhabitants

  5. Tennessee- 108,683 cases per million inhabitants

  6. Arizona-107,037 cases per million inhabitants

  7. Iowa- 102,672 cases per million inhabitants

  8. Oklahoma- 101,537 cases per million inhabitants

  9. Arkansas- 101,419 cases per million inhabitants

  10. Nebraska- 99,990 cases per million inhabitants

All of these states have incompetent governors who have screwed things up. Each should commit seppuku; none will. Most of them have disparaged social distancing, masks, shut-downs, etc. Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma was an early anti-mask imbecile who bragged about taking his family to a crowded restaurant. Before contracting COVID himself, the first governor to do so. Some are even worse-- like COVID-whisperer Kristi Noem of South Dakota, who is personally responsible for millions of cases throughout the Midwest. And this idiot, Kim Reynolds of Iowa:

Yesterday, NPR reported that COVID-Kim decided to roll back Iowa's already weak conoranvirus restrictions. Dustin Jones wrote that she "signed a new public health disaster proclamation Friday that will ease previous public health regulations geared to controlling the coronavirus. Starting Sunday, Iowa residents will no longer be required to wear masks. Reynolds' previous order, which was put into place last November, required individuals to wear masks when indoors in a public space and within six feet of individuals who are not part of their household. Instead, her new proclamation 'strongly encouraged' residents with medical conditions and those over the age of 65 to limit activities outside of their home. Those who are not at substantial risk should limit their interactions with those more susceptible to the virus, Friday's proclamation said. Additionally, Iowans will no longer be held to 15 people for indoor gatherings, or 30 if outdoors. Reynolds strongly encouraged event organizers to take reasonable measures to protect the health of their guests as well as the public, the order said."

She's out of her mind. Yesterday, Iowa reported 800 new cases and 34 more deaths and today another 416 new cases, bringing the state total 323,936. Close to 26,000 of those cases are "active" and Iowa is the 47th worst state in terms of testing. In other words, Iowa has done 472,869 tests per million residents, around half the national average. States with serious testing programs have tested over a million residents per million residents:

  1. Rhode Island- 2,464,936 tests per million residents

  2. Alaska- 2,100,911 tests per million residents

  3. Massachusetts- 2,062,012 tests per million residents

  4. New York- 1,709,074 tests per million residents

  5. Connecticut- 1,667,098 tests per million residents

The only governors that have done a worse job on testing than Iowa are Alabama, South Dakota, Colorado and Kansas. On top of that, the U.K. variant has been detected in some new patients this week.