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What A Shame They Won't Have Roger Stone On The Witness Stand!

We read yesterday that the J-6 insurrection committee sent a team to Denmark to watch unreleased footage from A Storm Foretold, the documentary by Roger Stone’s coup filmmakers Christoffer Guldbrandsen and Frederik Marbell— guests on Morning Joe yesterday. In a clip Stone says “Fuck the voting, let’s get right to the violence.” Later in the film, just before the election itself, Stone was recorded saying “What they’re assuming is the election will be normal. The election will not be normal. ‘Oh, these are the California results? We’re not accepting them.’ If the electors show up at the electoral college, armed guards will through them out. ‘I’m the president. Fuck you! You’re not stealing Florida; you’re not stealing Arizona. I’m challenging all of it and the judges we’re going to are judges I appointed! Fuck you! You’re not stealing the election.”

When the filmmakers asked Stone if the plan he laid out has been pitched to Trump, he replied, “Yes, it has. I believe the president’s for it. The obstacles are these lilly-livered, weak-knee-ed bureaucrats in the White House Counsel’s Office and now they must be crushed because they told the president something that’s not true.”

This afternoon we’ll be watching some of the clips that were subpoenaed by the select committee. CNN reported that “When committee investigators traveled to Denmark to review documentary footage related to Stone, they came to agreement with the filmmakers to share 8 minutes of video that were of interest to the panel and within the scope of its investigation… Stone disputed the authenticity of the footage. ‘I challenge the accuracy and the authenticity of these videos and believe they have been manipulated and selectively edited. I also point out that the filmmakers do not have the legal right to use them. How ironic that Kim Kardashian and I are both subjected to computer manipulated videos on the same day,’ Stone said in a statement to CNN. ‘The excerpts you provided below prove nothing, certainly they do not prove I had anything to do with the events of January 6th. That being said, it clearly shows I advocated for lawful congressional and judicial options,” he added. It’s unclear what the committee may have uncovered, but there are some basic details that are known of Stone’s whereabouts and involvement in the events surrounding January 6. On January 5, the day before the Capitol attack, members of the far-right militia group the Oath Keepers provided security for Stone during a rally that day, including driving him around on a golf cart."

And it wasn't just the Oath Keepers. CNN reported that "Stone also had contacts with the Proud Boys, a right-wing group known for street violence, and has been recorded reciting the group’s creed in a video released by the House select committee. According to former White House aide Casidy Hutchinson testimony to the committee this summer, the night before January 6, Trump told then-chief of staff Mark Meadows to ask Stone and former national security adviser Michael Flynn what was going to happen on January 6. Hutchinson testified that Meadows called Stone and Flynn that evening and tried to go to Washington’s Willard Hotel, where Trump supporters— including Stone— had set up a ‘war room.’ Stone, who attended the ‘Stop the Steal’ rally on January 6, has not been charged with a crime related to the Capitol attack.”

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