Video Du Jour-- Making Use Of Greene And Boebert

The Don Bacon ad above is playing on Omaha TV stations right now, part of a half million dollar effort by the DCCC to tie Republicans to GOP-QAnon crackpots Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert. The Republicans being targeted in the ad campaign, aside from Bacon, include Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and 7 Republicans seen as vulnerable to defeat in 2022: Mike Garcia (R-CA), Beth Van Duyne (R-TX), Maria Salazar (R-FL), Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA), Young Kim (R-CA) and Michelle Steel (R-CA). The DCCC doesn't seriously contest McCarthy's R+14 district, but it was just a shot across his bow. The others are in more precarious situations. The 3 other Californians, for example, have real election problems for 2022.

• CA-25- Mike Garcia barely beat an extremely weak Democratic candidate, GOP-lite dreck with nothing to offer, 169,638 to 169,305. Biden won the district 54.0% to 43.9%. If the DCCC doesn't shove another garbage conservative down Democrats' throats as "their" candidate, Garcia has virtually no chance and ad campaigns like this will definitely help.

• CA-39- Young Kim took out one of the worst Democrats elected in 2018, a worthless, ex-Republican lottery winner with zero accomplishments, Gil Cisneros. Although the district went for Biden by just over 10 points-- 54.1% to 44.0%, Cisneros managed to lose 173,946 (50.6%) to 169,837 (49.4%). The Democrats already have the kind of progressive candidate who can win in 2022, Jay Chen. This ad will help put Young Kim, who is a conservative pretending to be a moderate, into perspective.

• CA-48- Again, a week ex-Republican calling himself a New Dem, Harley Rouda had nothing/still has nothing to offer Orange County voters. Michelle Steel beat him 201,738 (51.1%) to 193,362 (48.9%), despite Biden having beaten Trump in the district 49.7% to 48.2%. No amount of ads will help flip the district blue if the DCCC runs Rouda again-- which is exactly what it intends to do.

In a few days, each member if Congress may be forced to vote on whether or not to kick Greene off her committees. That's going to be a tough vote for any Republican in a suburban district or a district where independent voters are needed for victory. Voting to kick her off her committee will infuriate the Trump base but voting against kicking her off will horrify swing voters. We'll go over the voters later in the week.