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Trump's Endorsement Is Not A Kiss Of Death... In GOP Primaries

Yesterday, Punchbowl noted that "Biden’s poll numbers are staggeringly low after 13 months in office, verging into Trump territory." They asked a handful of "frontline Democrats face the highest odds of losing reelection" whether they would welcome a visit from Biden. New Dem Susan Wild represents a Lehigh Valley district north of Philly that just got redistricted in a redder position (R+4). She was very positive about a potential Biden visit. "Anytime," she said. "I always welcome the president to the district, he's been to my district, I hope he comes back. We have had a number of Cabinet officers who are very well received. I will say this about the Cabinet-- it's a younger, more dynamic group than we've seen in a long time."

Corrupt right wing Blue Dog-- one of Congress' most disliked Democrats-- Josh Gottheimer, was a lot less welcoming, despite state legislature just making his Bergen County-centered district safer and bluer. He groused "I think if he wants to come and help deliver, help fix another bridge, if he’s got resources, then I'll take anyone to come, if they got resources to help my district." If only Bernie were president... he'd be visiting Gottheimer's district to urge a primary vote against him!

Dan Kildee in a garden variety Democrat in a tough district. His response about Biden visiting was simple: "For sure." Mike Levin, in a swingy Orange County district was more positive: "Of course. I am a strong supporter of the president. I was proud to vote for him. I’d be obviously very excited if he ever decided to come to Southern California."

Virginia Blue Dog Abigail Spanberger is as conservative as Gottheimer but she said "I would welcome a visit from Biden to my district." She and rotgut conservative New Dem Elaine Luria-- a Military Industrial Complex hack-- are often taken as a pair. She was less positive about Biden, lumping him in with a couple of fascist leaders: "President Biden's come down a couple of times. President Trump came down, Vice President Pence. I actually have participated in events with all of them in my district. And I think it is important that the president regardless of who it is, or which party, gets around the country and visits people and hears from. If the president comes to visit my district, I will be there with them."

Susie Lee, a southern Nevada New Dem backbencher responded "Yeah," when asked if she'd welcome a visit from Biden. Michigan new Dem Elissa Slotkin, another Military Industrial Complex hack, responded that she's "only one of five Democrats running in 2022 that represents a Trump-voting district. I've always had to separate myself from the party from party leadership."

GOP extremists went to a Mar-A-Lago "Take Back Congress" fundraiser yesterday hosted by Trump. Trump was again praising Putin: "He's taken over a country for $2 worth of sanctions. I'd say that's pretty smart. He’s taking over a country, really a vast, vast location, a great piece of land with a lot of people and he’s walking right in." Among the Republicans sitting and agreeing were fanatic right-wingers Ted Cruz (TX), whose father assassinated JFK, Marsha Blackburn (TN), Lindsey Graham (SC), Mary Miller (IL), Jim Banks (IN), Mike Carey (OH) and lunatic fringe, alcoholic, drug-popping rapist Ronny Jackson (TX). The Trump candidates at the event included Herschel Walker (GA), Morgan Ortagus (TN), Harriett Hageman (WY), Eric Greitens (MO) and Max Miller (OH). None of the Republicans who I would like to ask if they'd welcome a campaign visit from Trump were there: David Valadao (CA), Don Bacon (NE), Steve Chabot (OH), Rodney Davis (IL), Ann Wagner (MO), Victoria Spartz (IN), Carlos Giménez (FL), Ashley Hinson (IA), Michelle Steel (CA), Mike Garcia (CA), Nicole Malliotakis (NY), Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA), Maria Salazar (FL), Nancy Mace (SC), Brian Fitzpatrick (PA), Ken Calvert (CA) for starters.

A just-released Emerson poll of Texas voters shows that Trump's endorsement is anything but a kiss of death in GOP primaries. His crackpot candidates are all going to win next week-- but, generally speaking that's why he picked them-- because they were going to win. In the gubernatorial race, right-wing extremist Greg Abbott is being primaried from the right. but none them are close:

  • Abbott- 61%

  • Allen West- 12%

  • Donald Huffines- 9%

  • Danny Harrison- 3%

  • Chad Prather- 3%

  • (a different) Rick Perry- 3%

More remarkable is the race for Attorney General, in which incumbent Ken Paxton has been indicted and could wind up in prison before he finishes his term. But Trump endorsed him and he's on the road to reelection:

  • Paxton- 43%

  • George P Bush- 20%

  • Eva Guzman- 12%

  • Louie Gohmert- 12%

Both Abbott and Paxton are likely to clear the 50% threshold, winning their nominations with runoffs. Emerson reported that "A plurality of Republican primary voters (49%) say Trump’s endorsement makes them more likely to vote for a candidate. Thirty-five percent (35%) said it has no impact on their vote while 16% said it makes them less likely to support a candidate."

As for November, it's still early-ish, but...

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24 feb 2022

yep, jes like y'all keep sayin', fucking texas is gonna turn blue any day now!

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