Tomorrow's The Big Day In Ohio-- Not Just For Trump-Backed JP Or JD Mandel. Nina Turner vs Shill

Jordan Chariton is an investigative political reporter and yesterday he tweeted out a fiery thread about tomorrow's Democratic primary in Cleveland, pitting establishment shill, New Dem Shontel Brown against stalwart progressive challenger Nina Turner. All kinds of centrist-corporate garbage is campaigning for Brown, from Tim Ryan and Jim Clyburn to Hakeem Jeffries, this after Biden rolled out his endorsement, the second anti-progressive endorsement Biden has made in a week, the other being Blue Dog Kurt Schrader in Oregon, best known as the only Democrat still in the House to have voted against raising the minimum wage and one of the only ones to have voted against lowering drug prices. Team Biden! Shamefully, the Progressive Caucus PAC, led by Mark Pocan, also endorsed Brown over Turner. I wonder if any of the Caucus members-- aside from Wall Street whore Ritchie Torres-- are in Cleveland campaigning with Shontel... maybe with bags over their heads so no one sees them?

Mark Mellman's GOP money laundering service-- Democratic Majority for Israel-- has spent $1.1 million against Turner and AIPAC's Super PAC, United Democracy Project, spent $453,000, in attack ads against her AIPAC's deceitful ad doesn't mention Israel. While hundreds of thousands of dollars in sewer money has flooded into the district from these shady fake Democrats laundering Republican cash, Turner is counting on what Chariton calls a ground game that "is FAR superior to Brown's."

He noted that "this race is VERY different-- 30% of the district is new with more of Cleveland in the district-- which Turner won in August-- as well as Lakewood which Bernie won in 2016 and 2020. It will likely be much closer than the August primary and will come down to whether Turner's campaign can get out its core voters and new voters. Turnout is expected to be low and it is supposed to rain on Election Day.'

He wrote that "In 7 years of covering campaigns, I tend to look at smaller things like lawn signs to gauge enthusiasm. I have seen way more Turner signs in front of homes than Brown signs (have mostly seen Brown signs on highway overpass and on public land rather than private homes)."

The live-stream up top shows Chariton interviewing East Cleveland Councilwoman Dr. Patricia Blochowiak, a Berniecrat who has been knocking on doors for Turner. She told him that she has come across "a lot of voters now switching from Brown to Turner."

Fingers crossed. I expect there are a lot of Turner fans across the country like one of Chariton's commenters who said that he's "still bloody raw from last time. I’m afraid to be optimistic. I don’t know if I can take another Nina loss. I wish I had more money to give. The whole country needs her to win!" We'll know tomorrow. If you pray, now's the time.