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Today Is Bernie’s Birthday. Here’s The Latest Reason All Of Mankind Should Be Celebrating

This morning we looked at Chuck Schumer’s repulsive, closed door “side deal” with Joe Manchin. Are there any progressives— I mean real ones, not the ones who just pretend to be (see the list at the link above)— going to be able to vote for the Manchin-Schumer deal after Bernie’s speech on the Senate floor today? What about Elizabeth Warren? Jeff Merkley? Brian Schatz? Mazie Hirono? Cory Booker? Sherrod Brown? Instead of focusing on the Climate Catastrophe, Democrats in the Senate are framing this is a crucial issue about Schumer's power. Fuck Schumer and his power!

Republicans are lining up to help Manchin’s pro-pipeline bill. All progressives in Congress need to line up against this bill. And no one should be referred to as a progressive again if they vote for this deal. Bernie: “We can listen to the fossil fuel industry and the politicians they pay or we can listen to the scientists and the environmental community to reject this side deal and eliminate the $15 billion in subsidies Congress is already providing to big oil and gas companies each and every day… We have got to have the courage," he added, "to finally tell the fossil fuel industry that the future of this planet is more important than their short-term profits.”

Bernie also noted that the Manchin-Schumer deal “would make it easier for the fossil fuel industry to receive permits to complete some of the dirtiest and most polluting oil and gas projects in America. Specifically, this deal would approve the $6.6 billion Mountain Valley Pipeline, a 303 mile fracked gas pipeline spanning from West Virginia to Virginia and potentially on to North Carolina. We’re talking about a pipeline that would generate emissions equivalent to 37 coal plants or over 27 million cars each and every year… It is hard for me to understand why anyone, anyone, who is concerned about climate change would consider for one second voting to approve a pipeline that would be equivalent to putting 27 million more cars on the road each and every year, especially at a time we’re trying to transition into electric vehicles.”

The grotesquely sleazy, corrupt senior senator from New York, slimy Wall Street whore Chuck Schumer, lied telling the media that so called “'Permitting reform' is part of the IRA, and we will get it done.” He should step down as Democratic Party Senate leader today. For the Democratic establishment this is all about senators being able to trust Chuck Schumer's backroom deals, rather than if the voters of this country should be able to trust the Democratic Party and the U.S. Congress.

And Manchin? He was whining yesterday that Biden’s $10,000 student loan forgiveness plan is exorbitant. And what he’s thinking about is the new poll released yesterday that shows 66.1% of West Virginians have an an unfavorable impression, which contrasts poorly with the 26.3% who have a favorable impression. No one described what kind of politicians both Schumer and Manchin are better than Upton Sinclair, who-- unlike them-- understood what the word "reform" actually means. He certainly understood how American politics works.


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Sep 09, 2022

Once again you contrast the words of Bernie vs. the ACTIONS of the democrap party... that he continues to serve... ON PURPOSE!

so... you're expecting non-nazi voters to continue voting for Bernie's words, but which results in the democrap party's lying hapless worthless feckless corrupt neoliberal fascist DEEDS?

another instance where a sentient voter MIGHT ask him/herself... 'why the fuck should I vote for democraps'? but that never happens.

and you're surprised how deep and wide the shithole has grown?

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