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There Are Several Important Elections Coming Up In The Next Few Weeks

Next crucial election up-- Morgan Harper in Ohio

Many people prefer to contribute to candidates just before election day. That isn't the most effective strategy to help a candidate but it's hardly a waste, since that money usually goes right into GOTV and other field operations... absolutely crucial. Well, guess what, we have crucial primaries coming up next month. So contribution time is nigh.

Here's how to make your contributions count for the most important elections on May 3 and May 17:

Ohio- May 3:

  • Morgan Harper is the best choice for Ohio's open Senate seat. In fact, she's great and her opponent is just a wishy-washy nothing you would have exactly zero chance to win in November, no matter how much money the DSCC wastes on him.

North Carolina- May 17:

  • Erica Smith is in a primary battle against an anti-Choice, anti-healthcare conservative Democrat who is to the right on Joe Manchin. Erica is the rare kind of candidate who is ready to mackerel changes in Congress.

Pennsylvania- May 17:

  • Mainstream Dem John Fetterman is way ahead of corporate conservative Dem Conor Lamb in the open seat Senate race

  • Alexandra Hunt is running for a Philly House seat occupied by a corrupt status quo do-nothing, Dwight Evans.

  • Summer Lee is running for the open Pittsburgh congressional seat in a crowded primary. She's the best candidate.

Oregon- May 17:

  • Jamie McLeod-Skinner is up against the arguably worst Blue Dog in a contested race anywhere in America, anti-healthcare, anti-worker jack-off Kurt Schrader

  • Doyle Canning, who would be Congress' most important advocate for ameliorating Climate Change, is running in the open district Pete DeFazio is leaving. Her main opponent is a hack political careerist with nothing to offer anyone.

  • Matt West is in a crowded race for the seat in the brand new Oregon district. He's the best candidate but some billionaire is financing his friend-- who stands for nothing at all-- and they are flooding the district with promotional materials.

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