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There Are PACs That Raise Money For Candidates & PACs That Raise Money For Themselves

I got an e-mail today from an outfit called Protect The Vote PAC, a A 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, charitable organization that claims to be "liberal." The e-mail was on behalf of defeated reactionary Blue Dog, Max Rose, who is running against the Republican who slaughtered him in 2020, Nicole Malliotakis. The e-mail deceitfully made it appear that if you contributed the money would go to help Rose defeat Malliotakis. Rose first has a strong progressive Democrat, Brittany Ramos DeBarros, he has to face in the June primary and the money he's spending now is against her, not against Malliotakis. But the donations aren't even going to that. They go to the very shady Protect The Vote PAC.

I looked them up online and couldn't find much about them. They're either based in McComb, Michigan or Washington, DC, depending on where your search takes you. No details about who's behind the super PAC, although everything points to the crooked Democratic establishment.

According to the info at Open Secrets, they seem to have started raising money in 2020 and took in $369,754 disbursed just $49,916 to candidates in small contributions. The only contributions over $5,000 were made to Biden ($9,814) and Gary Peters ($6,567).

Most of their candidates were conservative or establishment Democrats who were backed by the DCCC or DSCC and who lost-- Hillary Scholten (MI), Christy Smith (CA), Jacqueline Gordon (NY), Kathleen Williams (MT), Sara Gideon (ME)...

So if they raised $369,754 and used $49,916 to help candidates, where did the rest of it go? Simple: consultants. This cycle, the pattern looks very much the same. So far, they've brought in close to $500,000 and spent $43,905 on mostly conservative Democrats backed by the DCCC and DSCC who have been busy losing their races. But lots of consultants have been getting richer. Suggestion: contribute to Brittany Ramos DeBarros here on a page dedicated to progressives running in districts that Trump won. If Rose wins the primary, decide which evil you want to vote for, Malliotakis, the greater evil or Max Rose, the slightly lesser evil. Meanwhile... Brittany Ramos DeBarros isn't evil at all, quite the contrary in fact.

Or, as Marianne Williamson told Hanna Trudo at The Hill, "If all the Republicans offer is a nosedive and all the Democrats offer is a managed decline, then this country is going down."

Addressing the rumors that she is preparing to run for president in 2024, Marianne noted that "If the best Democrats can offer is an alleviation of people’s distress, then it won’t work. If they offer fundamental economic reform, then it will. But for that to even be believable they’re going to have to create a whole lot more of it over the next two years... It’s not going to work in 2024 if all Democrats do is try to warn people that 'we’re not Trump' or 'we’re not DeSantis.' The only way to defeat either of them will be to provide an actual alternative to the neoliberal principles that dominate both parties at this point... I just want to do whatever I can to help interrupt the status quo and be part of the solution. What that means I’m not sure yet."

She may not be certain but one thing that I am certain of is that Marianne is helping progressive congressional candidates who don't accept contributions from corporate PACs or corporate donors. You can see all the candidates she's working with here. You can also click on the thermometer on the left and contribute to any of their campaigns. Unlike the Protect the Vote PAC, the contributions are for specific candidates, not for an opaque Super PAC. The money goes to the candidate or candidates you decide to contribute to, not to Marianne. And by the way, she runs up no expenses to build an empire and has hired exactly zero consultants. Furthermore she pays for the staffer who works with her on the PAC out of her own pocket.

Jason Call is one of the candidates Marianne is working with. He's in an uphill race against corrupt New Dem in northwest Washington and is fighting hard and very effectively. I asked him this afternoon what he thinks about the chances of Marianne running for president in 2024. "Marianne Williamson," he tiold me, "is the only candidate who people are talking about running on the Democratic side (with the exception of Bernie) who says what they mean and means what they say. She has been invaluable support to me and many of my #ActuallyProgressive candidate colleagues as we have been fighting to save a livable future for our kids and grandkids. Personally I think a Bernie/Marianne ticket on 2024 would be a winner. They can hash out who gets top billing; I honestly would take it either way it comes (this coming on the heels of Bernie making some statements). But Bernie is of huge value in the Senate and maybe that’s where he can do the most good. Marianne knows that corporate corruption is the root of our ills, and therefore its elimination is vital to that livable future. I am beyond eager to start this necessary fight."

Another candidate Marianne is working with is Culver City Mayor Daniel Lee, the progressive candidate running to replace Karen Bass in Los Angeles. "There's a lot of 'talk' about equity in political circles," he told me. "But, what we've seen is a demonstrated lack of empathy domestically and internationally. It has increased income inequality, hate crimes, xenophobia and anti immigrant rhetoric. We need leaders who really care about others' concerns and their ability to live happy lives that allow them to do more than work and die. Marianne Williamson understands."

Maebe A. Girl, another Los Angeles candidate, who's in a very tough race, running on a bold progressive platform, told me that "Marianne represents a kind of forward-thinking humanitarianism this nation can benefit from. It’s past time to elect leaders who are committed to bringing forth policies that help everybody and especially those who have been historically marginalized and disenfranchised. Rather than supporting a failing status quo, Marianne can be trusted to act on climate justice and peace efforts in a meaningful way."

One more progressive Los Angeles candidate Marianne is supporting-- David Kim-- told me today that "Marianne knows that masses of our people are suffering, with a daily deep-rooted fear and struggle of making ends meet and that we can only start to effectively address this by having bold, uncompromising progressive leadership in Washington, who truly prioritize and care for the people over corporate interests, short-term maximization of profits and party politics."

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Apr 27, 2022

Saith Maryanne Williamson: "If all the Republicans offer is a nosedive and all the Democrats offer is a managed decline, then this country is going down."

truth, so long as all voters only vote for nazis or democraps. If you can only imagine the fascism duality that we've elected since 1980... this is the result.

so vote for democraps. this country is going down!!

as for PACs and SPACs... you elect democraps who won't do "merrick garland" about the corruption in politics... you gets this shit. and you do elect them. so... enjoy your shit.

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