The Manchin-Sinema-Biden Build Back Worse Act

Would you vote for it if you were in Congress? Conservatives have stripped out any tiny semblance of tax fairness-- GONE... regardless of overwhelming popularity from the public. That alone means the Democraps will lose seats in 2022. Manchin and Sinema have delivered for the GOP and the billionaire class.

Conservatives have stripped out the ability of Medicare negotiating fair prices with pharmaceutical companies, which is just as popular with the public. But, hey, a steady stream of bribes, means more to people like Manchin and Sinema than what their constituents want. And, of course, it isn't only Manchin and Sinema. Think about corrupt conservative House members like Kurt Schrader (Blue Dog-OR), Ed Case (Blue Dog-HI), Scott Peters (New Dem-CA), Lou Correa (Blue Dog-CA), Josh Gottheimer (Blue Dog-NY), Jared Golden (Blue Dog-Me), Carolyn Bourdeaux (Blue Dog-GA), Henry Cuellar (Blue Dog-TX)...

Conservatives have stripped out free community college (not to mention tuition-free four year public college). Gone for as long as two vile pipsqueaks like Manchin and Sinema control the Senate-- in connection with Mitch McConnell-- are:

  • an increase in the minimum wage

  • student debt relief

  • the elusive public option

  • paid family and medical leave

  • clean energy

Oh, did I forget to mention Biden's specific campaign promise to lower the eligibility age for Medicare to [a stingy] 60? And what about expanding Medicare to include dental, vision and hearing? Gone! Except hearing; they've decided to throw that bone to progressives. Whose fault? That's easy. The fault is the American voter (and non-voter), who allows corrupt conservatives to take over government. Republicans are bad enough. But voters have allowed the Democratic Party to fall into the same hands that control the Republican Party. The Republican wing of the Democratic Party just showed who's in charge. Maybe voting for Biden to be the nominee was as bad an idea as most people thought it was before Obama decided otherwise and gave Clyburn the green light to put in the fix in South Carolina, a state that is 100% meaningless to Democrats in presidential elections but can conveniently-- for conservatives-- decide on the party's nominee.

The one campaign promise Biden kept

Biden was supposed to leave for the UN climate summit in Rome this morning but he stayed around to try to strong-arm House progressives to surrender on every single thing-- EVERY SINGLE THING-- they have fought for. There never were any negotiations, just a long drawn out and inevitable acquiescence to the demands of the billionaire class communicated through puppets like Manchin, Sinema, Gottheimer, Schrader... Does a Democratic Party controlled by these insects even make sense any longer? Not to me. The last time I voted in a general election for a Democrat running for president was in 2008. I'm fairly positive I never will again. This morning Biden asked progressives to trust him-- demanded that they trust him. He wants them to believe that Manchin and Sinema are almost finished destroying Build Back Worse and that progressives should vote for the inadequate, conservative hard infrastructure bill (so that piece of crap corrupt whore Terry McAuliffe can beat Nazi-leaning Glenn Youngkin on Tuesday in a race no one outside of Virginia should even give a damn about).

The bad guys laid down their markers and stuck to them. The progressives should be ready to let the whole bill get flushed down the toilet with Biden rather than get rolled again. And if that breaks up the Democratic Party-- fine. It's just shown-- once again-- what a worthless piece of crap it is anyway. I wonder if progressives will refuse to vote for the hard infrastructure bill-- at least with enough members to actually kill the bill and maintain their political credibility. So far Pramila has held her ground and seems to be refusing to let the conservative infrastructure bill go forward. Rubber is about to hit the road and we'll soon see who's on the side of the people... and who isn't.

Michael Moore, this morning: "After the promise of major legislation that would rival the impact of FDR’s New Deal, Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda has been sucked dry by corporate America and their pawns in the Senate. Instead of massive new programs to help children, parents, students, the elderly, and all of us by dealing with the climate crisis, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema appear to have brought the $3.5 trillion bill down to some crumbs. And rather than having it all paid for by taxing the wealthy, they may be putting a halt to that plan, as well. This is a monumental disaster that will not only hurt the American people, but will once again expose the Democratic party as weak, feckless, and still in the grasp of Wall Street, the pharmaceutical industry and the usual special interests. Turnout for the 2022 midterm elections will be suffocated and the Republican party will feast on the Democrats’ stupidity and ride back into power (with Trump waiting in the wings in 2024)."