The Circus Comes To Alaska

There was a time, when I was still a teenager, that long hair was a significator of something special. In the early to mid-60s if you saw a guy with long hair it meant he was against the war in Vietnam; it meant he was against Jim Crow and for racial integration; it meant he was pro-pot, liked psychedelic music, wasn’t as uptight about sexual openness… and embraced liberalism and opposed conservatism. It was a heady time. One summer my friend Bob and I hitchhiked to Mexico and we found ourselves stuck in the middle of nowhere at one point. We were high. How do I remember? This is how I remember. We found a kind of bus stop on the road with no cars and decided to wait for it to get us out of this car-less desert. Bob took out a red margin marker and started drawing a psychedelic word “Love” on the wall. Suddenly the Texas Rangers were there. But at least one of them— maybe both— had long hair. So I left safe. We weren’t safe. I the back seat of their cruiser they left us know nigga-lovin’ faggot Jews from New York were not welcome in Texas and they were going to kill us. I eased the tabs of acid out of my pocket and stuffed the foil that held then between the seat cushions. They told us to get out of the car when we were in an even more remote place and made like they were going to shoot us. What a bummer! Then they drove away. All I could think was how fucked up it was that people with long hair could behave that way.

Cheap on-campus entertainment for the dim-witted

That clip up top was from the MAGA rally in Anchorage last night. Trump loved that shirt and invited the MAGA couple on the stage to show off his visage on their shirts. He said he wanted one of the shirts and would wear it at his next rally. The guy took off the shirt and sent back up to the stage for Trump. You think he’ll wear it at the next rally? Or do you think Trump is a bullshitter… like the Elon Musk Trump recognizes in himself? This guy:

Trump usually kisses up to people who are richer than he is, like Musk, but Musk is on Team DeSantis and is leaning towards giving him “$20-25 million” for 2024. Trump called him out as a liar for contradicting himself— first telling Trump he had voted for him in 2020 and then having tweeted that his vote for crackpot Mayra Flores in a Texas special congressional election last month was the “first time I ever voted Republican.” Trump connected it to Musk’s Twitter bullshit as well.

But Trump wasn’t in Anchorage to talk about Musk. Following the opening act— the My Pillow Guy— Trump made it clear he was there to talk about himself, of course. Which he did for almost the entire hour and a half he was onstage. He briefly took some time out to denigrate Senator Lisa Murkowski (R)— who he said is “worse than a RINO”— and push his two crackpot candidates, Kelly Tshibaka and, running for an open House seat, Sarah Palin, and Gov. Mike Dunleavy, who avoided the shit-show.

“This is your precious chance to dump the horrific RINO Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who’s worse than a Democrat. She’s a total creature of the Washington swamp, but much worse than that, and a tool of a corrupt establishment, the likes of which we’ve never seen. The fake news media loves her… Murkowski is a bad person and Dan Sullivan should never ever have given her an endorsement. Dan Sullivan should be ashamed of himself.” He claimed Murkowski “wiped out ANWR,” which has exactly zero basis in fact, something that doesn’t seem to bother the MAGAts and MAGA-loids.

He was also there to rake in the bucks— which he did. They sold merch… lots of it and even sold opportunities, for $250 per person, to skip the long line they created so they could sell those opportunities to cut the line, a common profit center at all MAGA rallies these days. Always the grifter!